June 28, 2019

“Kubdee” An innovation for better driving safety at work

It is necessary to remain safety-conscious at all times because only a split second of carelessness can lead to a devastating loss. This is especially true for road accidents, which not only occur with startling frequency but are also capable of causing great harm to life and property. As one of the leading causes of…

June 4, 2019

THE LIFESAVER™: Passing on safety practices to communities

Safety is a basic concern in our daily life. Because it takes only a slip, either resulting from force of habit or negligence, for accidents to happen, The LifesaverTM project has been initiated to raise safety awareness not just at workplace but also in daily life. The initiative has been a roaring success thanks to…

October 22, 2018

CiBot™ with new features to measure Carburization, Bulging, and Bowing

CiBotTM The World’s First Furnace Coil Inspection Robot to be Equipped with Capabilities to Measure Carburization, Bulging, and Bowing for Enhanced Safety, Greater Precision, and Reduced Costs. Elevating the safety and efficiency of industrial furnace coil inspection to the next level, SCG’s Chemicals Business has equipped its CiBotTM with the capability to measure the…

April 10, 2018

Eco Footbridges: Revamping Bridges with Bio-based Fiberglass and Resin

Opting for an alternative innovation that will benefit the world in the long run, the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, in cooperation with FiberCore Europe, an expert in composite technology, and Max Design, has decided to install footbridges made of bio-based fiberglass and resin to replace its steel counterparts.        …

June 30, 2017

Design Solution for the Medical Industry

For many, the word “design” is often associated with fashion and lifestyle products. So, it might be hard for some to wrap their head around the fact that design is actually applicable to any field, even medicine! That’s right! I’m talking about applying design to medical instruments not only to enhance their aesthetic appeal but…
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