October 4, 2019

SCG Attended the Launch of “7 Go Green Recycled Plastic Road”

CP All partnered with SCG and Dow Thailand Group to advance “7 Go Green” campaign, unveiling “7 Go Green Recycled Plastic Road” that recycles unwanted plastic waste into road paving. The first pilot initiative is carried out at the car park in front of Sai Mai branch of 7-elevent store, hoping to pave the way…

January 4, 2019

Recycled Plastic Roads A New Road towards Creating a Complete Value Cycle for Plastics

Each year, there is about 1.5 million tons of mismanaged plastic waste in Thailand. Striving to sustainably maximize the value of plastic throughout its entire life cycle from production and consumption to recovery in accordance with the concept of circular economy, Chemicals Business, SCG has partnered up with Dow Thailand Group to construct “Recycled Plastic…
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