October 17, 2019

SCG™ HDPE S111F for High Impact Film – Heavy duty bag for the food industry: A collaboration between SCG and Betagro

In addition to its applications in daily life for consumers, plastic packaging also plays a vital role in the food manufacturing industry, particularly in the transfer of food products between production lines. Packaging researchers and developers are therefore responsible for developing packaging that meets usage needs while also taking into consideration environmental impact and resource…

September 30, 2017

EL-Lene™ HDPE H568JA: Plastic Innovation for the Environment

“Sustainable, Bio-Degradable, Natural, And Eco-Friendly”   These words sum up the sustainability trends of packaging businesses this year, as appears in the article “Packaging Trends to Watch 2017.” Once again, environmental issues are still a topic of interest across all industries. Carbonated soft drink businesses, for instance, have grown more environmentally conscious and tried to…

March 30, 2017

P483JU enhances properties of pallets

Pallets are indispensable equipment for Thailand’s logistical system, and in addition to transporting goods, they also form an integral part in pallet storage systems, which help ensure organized storage. Therefore, to accommodate the need for pallets across different industries, it is necessary to develop pallets of higher quality and greater durability that cost less to…
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