November 19, 2020

Getting to Know Blockchain: An Innovation that is Transforming Industries Across the World

Data has become a buzzword in the tech world in recent years, and when it comes to data, the primary concern is security. Because blockchain can help ensure data reliability and visibility, particularly in the finance sphere, as well as eliminate the need for intermediaries as traditionally required, it is no wonder why this technology…

July 4, 2019

Digital Innovation – A development for all businesses

Technology, digital, online, innovation – these are buzzwords that we hear so very frequently today in all spheres, from communication and data storage to finance. However, it is not as often to hear about their industrial applications. In this issue of All Around Plastics, we will get a closer look at digital innovations that have…

April 19, 2019

Artificial Intelligence in the Plastic World

With the value of exports in 2016 worth THB 127.599 billion, the plastic industry is among the most vital to the Thai economy. This is mainly due to the role it plays in other related industries, including the automotive industry and the manufacturing of electrical appliances, electronic devices, apparel, packaging, furniture, office supplies, stationery, toys,…
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