November 20, 2020

Standard for the Circular Economy: Guidelines for the Sustainability of Every Organization

Consumers nowadays are increasingly eco-conscious when selecting products and services; they not only look for products made with eco-friendly materials but also pay attention to the production as well as post-consumer waste management. Therefore, business owners need to study and be more aware of their environmental impacts, and this is where the circular economy can…

November 19, 2020

Getting to Know Blockchain: An Innovation that is Transforming Industries Across the World

Data has become a buzzword in the tech world in recent years, and when it comes to data, the primary concern is security. Because blockchain can help ensure data reliability and visibility, particularly in the finance sphere, as well as eliminate the need for intermediaries as traditionally required, it is no wonder why this technology…

March 18, 2020

The Rise of the Personal Data Protection

As personal data protection and privacy have in recent years emerged as a major topic of concern, people have grown increasingly wary of technologies that may be invading their privacy, including big data, data tracking, and facial recognition surveillance. In response, the European Union has issued the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) followed by other…

August 20, 2018

Is Thailand ready for the 4.0 Era?

Value-based economy has emerged as a new hope for Thailand, a country that has shown very little promise of rising from its several-decade-long status as a ‘developing nation’ to a ‘developed nation.’ Economists and scholars have proposed this new approach to economic reform, which is driven by scientific and technological advancement – a model…

May 21, 2018

When Technology Changes Consumer Behavior in the Chinese Market

The far-reaching force of technology is transforming consumer behavior across the globe, including in China, where marketers are having a difficult time catching up with rapid changes in consumer behavior accelerated by technology. As the world’s economic leader in the digital age, China boasts a whopping USD 600 billion e-commerce industry,…

November 24, 2017

Market Trends in 2018

With their rising purchasing power and robust social media outlets through which to voice their opinions, millennials have shaken up the world of consumption today, sending reverberations through the business sphere. They are giving a very clear message: in the year 2018, products and services that are merely good and popular might not suffice to…
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