Ending Waste Problems Sustainably With The Circular Economy

Published on July 23, 2021

Just as the impact of COVID-19, which has affected people across the globe for over a year, can be softened by our collective efforts to adjust our own behavior and innovations that can help solve the problems in both short and long terms, such as protective equipment and vaccines, environmental problems, such as the current global waste crisis, can only be solved sustainably with the cooperation of all sectors in society as well as the application of the principles of circular economy, which lie at the core of today’s latest innovations.

In this issue of All Around Plastics, we’re putting a spotlight on efficient resource management and consumption as well as waste reduction, especially plastics, through proper processing. To kick off, we’re introducing you to SMX™ Technology, an innovation by the Chemicals Business, SCG, that enhances the quality and eco-friendliness of plastic pellets, followed by stories of how manufacturers, business owners, and consumers are making adjustment in preparation for a circular economy-driven society.

To get a better picture of the current state of the environment, we’re also talking to Dr. Wijarn Simachaya, President of the Thailand Environment Institute, about the overall situation of environmental issues across the world and the Green Label certification for eco-friendly products, which will help advance the (Draft) Plastic Waste Management Roadmap for 2018-2030, discussed in the Tips & Trends column.

As world citizens, it is our collective duties to integrate our knowledge and expertise and invent new approaches and innovations to create a better world for everyone.

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