Collaboration for Action: The Power to Drive Circular Economy

Published on October 16, 2019

Resource scarcity, climate change, and other environmental problems have affected our lives one way or another. This issue throws spotlight on attempts to foster collaboration for the sustainability of the world. We begin with some of the key topics discussed at SD Symposium 10 Years “Circular Economy: Collaboration for Action.

Another collaborative endeavor featured in this issue is the partnership between SCG and Betagro to develop an innovative plastic resin for food packaging. Thanks to its enhanced strength, the resin helps reduce the amount of material required and the film thickness without compromising the quality of the packaging, resulting in a product that not only fulfills functional requirements but also truly maximizes resources.

This issue also presents the collaboration between SCG and its partners to establish SPRINT Accelerator Thailand to drive innovation and strengthen Thailand’s deep tech ecosystem. In addition, you will also be introduced to the Bang Sue Model – a collaborative effort within SCG to change the employees’ mindset and encourage everyone to get into the habit of sorting waste

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