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January 20202019

Plastics Innovation for World’s Sustainability

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INNOVATION VDO - Jan, 7 2020

Passion for a Better World: Plastic Innovation for Sustainability at K2019

This year’s K2019, the world’s largest plastic and rubber expo held every 3 years, in, Dusseldorf, Germany brought together over 3,300 exhibitors consisting of plastic businesses and the world’s leading organizations and attracting over 225,000 visitors from 165 countries, who came to see latest innovations and explore business opportunities throughout the five days…

INNOVATION - Jan, 14 2020

SMX™ 551BU: Innovative, Eco-friendly Plastic Resin for the Circular Economy

Standing out among the highlighted products of Chemicals Business, SCG in the past few years is SMX™ Technology, which has enabled the development and manufacturing of stronger HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). Thanks to their improved strength, plastic resins developed with this technology can better meet product specifications, and less material is required to achieve the…


STARBOARD’s journey towards sustainability

Sustainable development is not only a mindset that can be cultivated in everyone but also a practice that can be applied to all kinds of business. It is also a journey that any company can take as long as it is truly committed to pursuing fresh ideas and innovations, leading by example, inspiring others, and…


“Innovative Solutions to Marine Debris”: Collaboration for a Sustainable World

According to a 2018 report, Thailand was ranked among the top countries with poor waste management that released the largest amount of plastic waste into the ocean. With 80% of marine debris coming from our daily activities on land, it is clear that inefficient waste management should be our main concern. These plastics not only…


Let’s join hands to build Waste-free Communities

At present, it is heartening to see that in our daily lives, we have opened up a dialogue and are now collaboratively seeking solutions to environmental problems. This is especially true for the issue of waste, which has exerted tremendous impact on not only humans and animals but also the world as a whole and…


Innovative fibers from pineapple leaves and plastic waste – From waste and unused resources to unique local products

For the Saenyai Weaving Group, a textile community enterprise in Pluak Daeng District, Rayong, it all began when they made monk robes for an annual ceremony in 2013. Since then, they have succeeded in producing fabrics from fibers made from pineapple leaves, which are leftover resources from the agricultural sector, and are now developing new…


Looking at trends in materials through the eyes of a world-class designer at K 2019

Touted as the world’s largest plastic and rubber fair in Germany, K 2019 showcased innovations in polymers, cutting-edge plastic manufacturing technology, and various inventions designed in support of the circular economy – a major idea that has grabbed the attention of the entire world and resulted in collaborative networks and new approaches to product and…

LIFESTYLES - Feb, 3 2020

Once A Day Caffe A cozy café by a coffee aficionado

It was his passion for seeking new coffee blends that led Joe, a young interior designer, to open his cozy nook for coffee lovers called Once A Day Caffe. The café makes up for its compact size with smart space utilization. The interior décor, which features a combination of painted steel…

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