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Caring Innovation for the Better Quality of Life

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INNOVATION - Sep, 8 2020

Living in the “New Normal” Confidently with Innovations by Chemicals Business, SCG

Since the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed how people live across the world. While the lockdown period has already been lifted in Thailand, with businesses beginning to reopen and people starting to come out of their homes and spending more time in public places, we still have the duty to keep…

INNOVATION VDO - Sep, 8 2020

The Mosquito Trap: An Innovative Solution to Prevent the Spread of Dengue Fever

Dengue fever remains one of the most significant public health issues in many areas of the world, especially tropical countries in Asia and Africa, including Thailand with an average of 100,000 patients and over 100 deaths per year. This is due to the prevalence of tiger mosquitoes, which are fast-propagating carriers…

INNOVATION VDO - Nov, 19 2020

SC Asset: Attention to Every Single Detail for Better Quality of Life

As one of the four requisites, a house has tremendous influence on every dimension of life. It is not only a place for daily activities but also a space that can enhance the quality of your everyday life. That is why real estate developer SC Asset attaches great significance to the quality of life of…

INNOVATION - Nov, 19 2020

Smart Medication Cart: An Innovative Solution for Comprehensive Care

Medication carts are essential equipment for in-patient care, from medication administration to patients in rooms and wards on a daily schedule to the performance of various procedures. Selecting the most suitable medication cart to maximize the efficiency of patient care is, therefore, of no less importance to a premier hospital group like BDMS (Bangkok Dusit…


‘Magic Hands X Won by PPP Plastics’: Let’s Join Hands and Create a Closed-loop System for Plastic Films

Spurred by heightened public awareness of environmental problems, a large number of Thai people are beginning to sort waste in their homes, schools, and workplace in order to make the recovery and recycling of useful materials truly possible. However, the efforts of the general public alone may not gather sufficient force to effect long-term change.…


How Mabchan Community Combats Drought: A Lesson in Sustainable Water Management for Local Communities

Drought is a serious issue for an agricultural country like Thailand, which was hit by the worst dry spell in 20 years at the turn of 2019 and 2020. In this issue of All Around Plastics, we will take you to Baan Mabchan Community in Klaeng District in the province of Rayong, whose successful and…

BUSINESS TIPS - Nov, 19 2020

Getting to Know Blockchain: An Innovation that is Transforming Industries Across the World

Data has become a buzzword in the tech world in recent years, and when it comes to data, the primary concern is security. Because blockchain can help ensure data reliability and visibility, particularly in the finance sphere, as well as eliminate the need for intermediaries as traditionally required, it is no wonder why this technology…

LIFESTYLES - Nov, 19 2020

Chivit-D by SCG: A Smile Embraced ‘Good Life’.

Good quality of life is a cornerstone of daily happiness and satisfaction. Chivit-D by SCG is a lifestyle shop and a community for the elderly. Senior customers will find products, services, and activities that fulfill their needs. The concept of the store is built on SCG’s leadership in innovation, especially the SCG Eldercare Solution that…

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