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October 20192019

Collaboration for Action: The Power to Drive Circular Economy

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SD Symposium 10 Years: Collaboration for Action The Power to Drive Circular Economy

With a firm conviction that collaboration and public engagement hold the key to effecting real changes, SCG has held SD Symposium 10 Years: Circular Economy – Collaboration for Action in collaboration with over 45 partners to foster collaboration among government agencies and private organizations and bring about a true circular economy in Thailand, which will…

INNOVATION - Oct, 5 2019

SPRINT Accelerator Thailand: Inspiring the Growth of Deep Tech Ventures in Thailand

When it comes to innovation-based solutions, the first images that pop up in our mind might be those of startups that employ big data or new cool software to tackle our day-to-day problems. However, beyond the inconveniences in our daily life, large and complex industrial operations also need innovations and fresh ideas to solve the…


“For everything society has given you, pay it forward.” Life, work, and inspiration of Mr. Samarn Kunarkornpaiboonsiri

“For everything society has given you, pay it forward.” Life, work, and inspiration of Mr. Samarn Kunarkornpaiboonsiri Managing Director of Krieng Thavorn Containers Co., Ltd. At the age of 72, Mr. Samarn is still fully energized in life. As he led us to the Hall of Fame of Krieng Thavorn Containers…

INNOVATION VDO - Oct, 17 2019

SCG™ HDPE S111F for High Impact Film – Heavy duty bag for the food industry: A collaboration between SCG and Betagro

In addition to its applications in daily life for consumers, plastic packaging also plays a vital role in the food manufacturing industry, particularly in the transfer of food products between production lines. Packaging researchers and developers are therefore responsible for developing packaging that meets usage needs while also taking into consideration environmental impact and resource…


Bang Sue Model – an internal waste management project at SCG and a key to drive circular economy.

Sustainable development has been what all organizations strive for in their business conduct, and even more so in the current age and time, when the world has finally recognized that it can no longer afford to ignore environmental issues. In response, the circular economy has been proposed as a way to achieve efficient resource management.…


Commemorate His Majesty the King – Carrying on the Philosophy of Social Responsibility

Because sustainability is a goal for the modern world, taking responsibility for society and the environment is an important endeavor which we must undertake together, not only for the benefit of the world we live in but also to pass on a legacy of love and care to future generations. This is a core philosophy…

BUSINESS TIPS - Oct, 30 2019

PCR: A New Circular Economy Option for Businesses

Our world is not only facing dwindling resources but is also practically choked by pollution and overflowing with garbage. These are problems that everyone in this world contributes to, and as we are all part of the production chain, as consumers at the very least, we are all inevitably affected by them. In the…

LIFESTYLES - Aug, 30 2019

Suan Pak Wan – A restaurant where visitors can enjoy food made with love in a lush green garden

Named after the owner’s last name Praengpakwan, “Suan Pak Wan” is a garden restaurant in Khlong Hok that hopes to inject the verdancy of its central garden into every section of its establishment. Cozily nestled among verdant trees, this is where you will hear laughter and have good conversations while enjoying delicious food and the…

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