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Circular Economy: Balancing Business, Quality of Life, and the Future of the World

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Circular Economy: Balancing Business, Quality of Life, and the Future of the World

A circular economy has recently become a subject of interest in many countries across the world. To spark a circular economy movement in organizations across the governmental, private, and public sectors in Thailand, SCG held the SD Symposium in mid-2018 under the concept “Circular Economy: The Future We Create.” A circular economy is…

INNOVATION VDO - Oct, 22 2018

CiBot™ with new features to measure Carburization, Bulging, and Bowing

CiBotTM The World’s First Furnace Coil Inspection Robot to be Equipped with Capabilities to Measure Carburization, Bulging, and Bowing for Enhanced Safety, Greater Precision, and Reduced Costs. Elevating the safety and efficiency of industrial furnace coil inspection to the next level, SCG’s Chemicals Business has equipped its CiBotTM with the capability to measure the…


CIRCULAR ECONOMY Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and an Economic System for Sustainability  

While the term “circular economy” might be unfamiliar to many Thais, we are already exposed to the concept through a constellation of ongoing eco-friendly initiatives, such as waste sorting and waste reduction campaign, undertaken by both the government and the civil sector to foster an effective and accessible economic system for sustainability. All…

INNOVATION VDO - Nov, 23 2018

SCG™ HDPE TR117WC: Specialty Polymer for Maximum Safety of Fiber Optic Cables

SCG™ HDPE TR117WC: Specialty Polymer for Maximum Safety of Fiber Optic Cables A Collaboration between Experts from TOT and Chemicals Business, SCG   Given such a vital role that communication plays both in the business sphere and in our daily life, TOT Public Company Limited, as a telecommunications service provider, has a…


SCG Fish Homes: A Cradle of Life

Black PE100 pipes of different sizes were gradually carried to the beach. In the heat of the afternoon sun, volunteers, fishermen, and our staff fastened these pipes together with screws, slowly transforming them into triangle-shaped creations. What they were creating were SCG Fish Homes – an innovation that provides a sanctuary for marine life. In…

BUSINESS TIPS - Nov, 24 2020

Tax Law and Legal Obligations for Business Owners

Paying taxes is a civic duty of all Thais, and entrepreneurs are no exception. However, the tax system, especially its legal aspect, can be daunting and complicated for business owners, and it’s certainly not something that can be thoroughly delineated in the limited space here. Therefore, this article will focus on the concepts and…

NEWS - Dec, 4 2018

Eliminating the Die Lip Build-up Problem for Cable Businesses

In the cable industry, a smallest defect such as die lip build-up that forms during cable insulation can snowball into a chronic problem that affects both the production and the quality of the product, causing unnecessary costs and loss of other resources. As it believes that good solutions are rooted in…

BUSINESS TIPS - Nov, 24 2020

Trade War Threatens to Rock the Global Economy

The U.S.-China trade war has escalated to the point where concerns about possible consequences after the end of this year are practically palpable in many countries, as evident in the waves of downturns in stock markets across the world and the weakening currencies of their trading partners including the Thai baht, against the U.S. dollar.…

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