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June 20202020

Collaboration in Resource Management for a Sustainable World

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Rayong Model: Collaboration for Sustainable Waste Management

SCG has always placed great emphasis on sustainable development in its business, and in recent years, the circular economy has emerged as a model that can help foster economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Therefore, this concept has been applied to SCG’s business operations and used as the basis for SCG Circular Way, which promotes resource…

INNOVATION - Nov, 20 2020

Mono-material Packaging: Packaging for the Circular Economy

Consumers across the world, especially younger generations, have grown increasingly eco-conscious, as reflected in a clear shift in their behavior when choosing products or services. In response, brand owners have to put more thoughts into where their products end up after use. To this end, the principles of the circular economy have been adopted as…

INTERVIEW VDO - May, 22 2020

A New Perspective on Plastic Packaging as a Functional and Eco-Friendly Alternative

Today, plastic is an important material in our daily life. Due to its various properties that are superior to other materials in terms of strength, toughness, transparency, and flexibility to be converted into wide range of applications. In this issue of All Around Plastics, we caught up with Mayuree Paklamjeak, an…


From Hemodialysate Gallons to Recycled Flower Pots: A Collaboration between SCG and BDMS

The secret to a successful circular economy is collaboration – a joint effort where organizations brainstorm, exchange knowledge and expertise, and develop innovation together to address problems. That precisely captures the relationship between Chemicals Business, SCG, and Thailand’s leading healthcare network Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS), which have joined hands to develop better medical…

INNOVATION VDO - Nov, 20 2020

SCG Floating Solar Solutions Integrated Floating Solar Farms: Sustainable Energy Sources

Clean energy, also known as renewable energy, is energy that can be generated without creating pollution and is thus not only eco-friendly but also an excellent way to add value to existing resources and use them to the greatest advantage. One way to harness clean energy is to use photovoltaic cells…


Recycled Plastic Chairs from Milk Pouches: Promoting Resource Efficiency among Thai Youths

All Around Plastics has previously introduced the Waste-free Community Project, which seeks to cultivate the habit of using all resources to the greatest advantage, sorting waste to facilitate recycling, and converting scrap materials into something useful, which is a hallmark of the circular economy, as well as solve waste problems sustainably through the collaboration of…

BUSINESS TIPS - Nov, 20 2020

Standard for the Circular Economy: Guidelines for the Sustainability of Every Organization

Consumers nowadays are increasingly eco-conscious when selecting products and services; they not only look for products made with eco-friendly materials but also pay attention to the production as well as post-consumer waste management. Therefore, business owners need to study and be more aware of their environmental impacts, and this is where the circular economy can…

LIFESTYLES - Nov, 20 2020

Patom Organic Farm Delivering Farmers’ Labor of Love to Consumers

The Sampran Model is a social enterprise that seeks to empower organic farmers in Sampran, Nakhon Prathom. During its first phase, the project delivered fresh produce to Bangkokians for several years through Patom Organic Living, a café in a greenhouse in the heart of Sukhumvit. Today, Sampran farmers are ready to welcome visitors and show…

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