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Converting data into answers to business needs with digital innovation

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BUSINESS TIPS - Jul, 4 2019

Digital Innovation – A development for all businesses

Technology, digital, online, innovation – these are buzzwords that we hear so very frequently today in all spheres, from communication and data storage to finance. However, it is not as often to hear about their industrial applications. In this issue of All Around Plastics, we will get a closer look at digital innovations that have…

INNOVATION VDO - Jun, 28 2019

“Kubdee” An innovation for better driving safety at work

It is necessary to remain safety-conscious at all times because only a split second of carelessness can lead to a devastating loss. This is especially true for road accidents, which not only occur with startling frequency but are also capable of causing great harm to life and property. As one of the leading causes of…

BUSINESS TIPS VDO - Apr, 19 2019

Artificial Intelligence in the Plastic World

With the value of exports in 2016 worth THB 127.599 billion, the plastic industry is among the most vital to the Thai economy. This is mainly due to the role it plays in other related industries, including the automotive industry and the manufacturing of electrical appliances, electronic devices, apparel, packaging, furniture, office supplies, stationery, toys,…

INNOVATION VDO - May, 17 2019

Prosthetic Feet for a New Life

Given basic necessities that allow them to live a normal life, everyone can reach their true potential. For people with disabilities, however, the loss of such important body parts as legs can not only affect how they make a living and fit in society, but also undermine their self-esteem to realize their full potential. …


Circular Economy – Circularity for harmonious co-existence

Without efficient waste management, any countries can easily find themselves in a trash crisis, regardless of how developed they are. This is because the amount of waste from households, hospitals, factories, agricultural activity, and technological development has been rising steadily and is expected to swell from 2.01 billion tons in 2016 to to 3.4 billion…


THE LIFESAVER™: Passing on safety practices to communities

Safety is a basic concern in our daily life. Because it takes only a slip, either resulting from force of habit or negligence, for accidents to happen, The LifesaverTM project has been initiated to raise safety awareness not just at workplace but also in daily life. The initiative has been a roaring success thanks to…

BUSINESS TIPS - Jun, 28 2019

Circular Economy: The beacon for business owners across the world

With the plastic waste crisis reaching fever pitch and refusing to be ignored any longer, what can we do as a global citizen? Plastic waste can now be found in the sea, mountains, and the stomach of wild animals, and it is all thanks to our irresponsible use and inefficient management of plastic products.…

NEWS - Jun, 24 2019

How to select safe melamine tableware?

Technical FAQ: How to select safe melamine tableware? Thanks to its beautiful designs and durability, melamine dinnerware is a familiar sight in restaurants and houses. However, as a result of this popularity, the market is also rife with imitations, many of which are made of materials that are not intended for food contact and…

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