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March 20202020

Digital Technology to Maximize Business Potential

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INNOVATION - Mar, 24 2020

Digital Transformation New-Age World, Where the Technology Is Life

If you notice the small changes in our lives during the past couple of years, a smartphone is no longer just a device we use for making phone calls or social media access. Almost all transactions are made through our phones daily as it is convenient, faster, simpler, and save cost. Consumer behavior is also…

INNOVATION VDO - Mar, 16 2020

AGCURA Digital Innovation as a Solution for Thai Farmers

IoT or the Internet of Things is a technology that allows all smart devices to connect and transfer data between each other via the internet. Once a technology we were unfamiliar with, today it is now used by everyone in their daily lives, thanks to 4G technology, and Cloud Storage, a gigantic data storage that…

BUSINESS TIPS - Mar, 24 2020

EEC and Business Opportunities for Thailand’s Industries

Today, the world is seeing a shift in industrial trends, and just as it launched the Eastern Seaboard in order to leap from an agricultural era into an industrial age, Thailand will need a new springboard to maintain its competitiveness and successfully lay foundations for national prosperity. That’s where the Eastern Economic Corridor or EEC,…

BUSINESS TIPS - Mar, 24 2020

A collaboration to elevate Thailand’s telecommunications for the advent of 5G

With the 5G spectrum auctions having concluded on February 2020, 5G – a technology that will transform both the public and industrial sectors in Thailand – is drawing nearer and nearer to all Thais. 5G is the next step in the evolution of wireless communication, which has progressed from 1G (analog…


“KoomKah” – Innovation that makes waste management easier for everyone

In the previous issue, we featured the “Waste-Free Community” Project, where everyone in the community, from residents, temples, schools, waste banks, and the municipal office, worked together to sort waste at source. For this issue, we are featuring KoomKah, a mobile application that helps waste banks systematically and conveniently organize their data and makes waste…


Livelihood development project for disabled farmers: Transforming arid land into a tech-driven banana plantation

The “Growing Banana Plants with SCG” Project began in Nikhom Phatthana sub-district in Rayong, on a land so arid that even weeds could not grow but has now been transformed into a banana plantation that bears fruits and brings hope to the locals, thanks to the concerted efforts of the local residents with disabilities who…

BUSINESS TIPS - Mar, 18 2020

The Rise of the Personal Data Protection

As personal data protection and privacy have in recent years emerged as a major topic of concern, people have grown increasingly wary of technologies that may be invading their privacy, including big data, data tracking, and facial recognition surveillance. In response, the European Union has issued the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) followed by other…

LIFESTYLES - Mar, 16 2020

Café Kantary, By The Sea Take in the sea breeze and the seaside views.

Just take a three-hour drive from Bangkok and you’ll arrive at Saeng Chan Beach in Rayong, where Café Kantary By The Sea, a seaside café in Kantary Bay Rayong, is tucked away, boasting scenic views of the palm-fringed beach against the clear blue sky and the pristine sea. While staying true…

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