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How are Megatrends shaping the plastics industry today?

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BUSINESS TIPS VDO - Mar, 13 2019

How are Megatrends Shaping the Plastics Industry Today?

How are Megatrends Shaping the Plastics Industry Today? Megatrends that are Looming over the Plastic Industry in the Perspective of Economists, Entrepreneurs, and Businesspeople In the ever-changing world, it is well recognized that technological advances will set off tectonic shifts in the business sphere. However, there are many more factors that will bring…

INNOVATION VDO - Jan, 4 2019

Recycled Plastic Roads A New Road towards Creating a Complete Value Cycle for Plastics

Each year, there is about 1.5 million tons of mismanaged plastic waste in Thailand. Striving to sustainably maximize the value of plastic throughout its entire life cycle from production and consumption to recovery in accordance with the concept of circular economy, Chemicals Business, SCG has partnered up with Dow Thailand Group to construct “Recycled Plastic…

BUSINESS TIPS VDO - Jan, 24 2019

7-Eleven and Its 31 Years of Ever-Developing Service

No matter where you are, 7-Eleven is the convenience store chain that is ready to cater to your needs, living up to its corporate philosophy: Through happy employees, we desire to see smiles from customers. In this issues’ Interview, Vichien Chuengviroj, Senior Vice President of CP All Public Company Limited, the operator of…

INNOVATION VDO - Feb, 4 2019

Improving Global Sanitation through Collaboration

Wouldn’t it be nice if all remote corners of the world could equally access basic sanitation systems? Wouldn’t it be nice if sanitation systems could convert waste into fertilizers and clean water that could be safely released into the environment or put to use? And wouldn’t it be nice if this could be made…


Baan Phet Chili Paste: Money-Making Recipe

Some consider it a condiment; others call it a side dish. Either way, chili paste is an undeniable staple in Thai pantries. Through a series of product development stages, Baan Phet Chili Paste has been elevated into a commercial product that has not only earned loyal customers in Thailand and the neighboring countries but…

BUSINESS TIPS - Nov, 24 2020


According to polls conducted by Reuters, economists believe the outlook for the global economy will continue to be somber in 2019, with most expressing concern over the China-U.S. trade war, which has brought on tension in the financial sector. This is not to mention the arrest of a top Huawei executive in Canada, an…

LIFESTYLES - Jan, 15 2019

7Ss for Shinkolite Installation

Space: The site must be open on least two sides and not located near heat sources, such as ovens. Save Cost: The size of the structure to be installed should be adjusted to match the size of the panels to avoid leftover scraps and save costs. For instance, the length of…

BUSINESS TIPS - Nov, 24 2020

Law and Online Business: Oft-Overlooked Fundamentals

As convenience has become a priority for consumers, online platforms are all the rage among both established entrepreneurs and small business owners alike. However, to help ensure that an online channel that you’re opening up is legal and prevent unintentional violations, we’ve compiled here some of the major laws that entrepreneurs should know before venturing…

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