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May 20182018

Floating Solar Farm – Illuminating the Future

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INNOVATION VDO - May, 8 2018

Illuminating the Future – sunlight and innovation for business sustainability

Over 30% of Thailand’s area is water bodies and wetlands. In addition to being sources of life, rivers, lakes, ponds, and canals also offer new possibilities when it comes to generating clean power from solar energy, thanks to advances brought about by inventors and scientists. Over half a century ago, scientists…

BUSINESS TIPS VDO - Apr, 30 2018

Holiday Inn Hua-Hin Carport “Shinkolite” for All Roofing Needs

Constructing a carport for a hotel can present a real challenge as such a project entails a host of fine details in each step. To meet the rising needs for one-stop services, SCG Chemicals has introduced a one-stop carport roofing solution: the Prefab Carport Roof, an integrated product and service innovated…

INTERVIEW VDO - May, 7 2018

Opportunities and Directions of Eco-Innovation: A Pioneer’s Gambit

Environmental problems are among the top priorities of the current world. In response, eco-innovation has been invented to reduce consumption of energy and natural resources and ultimately solve these pressing issues. In the industrial sectors, more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to take eco-innovation seriously. Assoc. Prof. Singh Intrachooto, Head of the Creative Center…

INNOVATION VDO - May, 7 2018

The Power of Collaboration: Solving Hopper Clogging in Cement Manufacturing with PE Sheets

In the business world, collaboration between companies can create a synergy that leads to enhanced sustainability and stability. The same goes for the collaboration between the Siam Cement (Kaeng Khoi) Co., Ltd., SCG Chemicals, and Aeroklas where the unexpected convergence between “plastic” and “steel” led to a novel solution to the issue of hopper clogging…


“From the Mountains … to the Sea” Adopting the King’s Philosophy for Sustainable Water Management

Aimed at encouraging communities to implement appropriate water management as well as fostering participation and self-reliance, “From the Mountains to the Sea” Water Conservation Project by SCG has adopted His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s water management approaches as guidance in creating water management models tailored to each location. By creating an accurate understanding of water…

BUSINESS TIPS - May, 23 2018

Environmental Laws for Sustainable Business

Apart from economic and social considerations, environmental factors constitute another important dimension that companies must take into account in striving towards good corporate governance. There are currently a number of environmental laws relevant to entrepreneurs, especially factory owners who need to keep their pollution control in compliance with the law. The…

NEWS - Apr, 27 2018

Active Flow™ Additive

Either virgin or recycled plastic resin is used, a common issue for old plastic molding machines is insufficient flowability, which leads to high energy consumption and decreased output. While the way to invest in new machine replacement is an option, SCG Chemicals has come up with a more efficient, convenient, and cost-saving…

NEWS - May, 21 2018

When Technology Changes Consumer Behavior

The far-reaching force of technology is transforming consumer behavior across the globe, including in China, where marketers are having a difficult time catching up with rapid changes in consumer behavior accelerated by technology. As the world’s economic leader in the digital age, China boasts a whopping USD 600 billion e-commerce industry,…

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