May 5, 2023

emisspro® x Bangchak Shared Goals for Environmental Innovation

Climate emergency has been declared to raise awareness and prompt immediate action among the world’s population. As upstream manufacturers, SCGC and Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited foresaw this issue and have taken urgent action to solve it by setting their sights on carbon neutrality while also implementing “green innovations” like emisspro® to preserve the…

March 22, 2022

ESG as Key to Sustainability: Opening a Door to a New World and Solving Global Crises

In an age where sustainability is paramount, the concept of ESG, consisting of E – Environmental, S – Social, and G – Governance, has been extensively applied to organizational management and business operations, and it is something that SCG Chemicals (SCGC) has been advancing through its policies and actions through the years. With the…

November 16, 2021

The Evolution of a Family-Owned Water Tank Company Through the Ideas of the New Generation

From its beginning as a producer of zinc-coated metal water tanks imprinted with the now-familiar sailboat emblem all the way to plastic water tanks and even expanding to plastic furniture, Jaroenmitr Company Limited, a well-known manufacturer and distributor of plastic and stainless steel water tanks, has been in the industry for over 53 years.…

July 23, 2021

Exploring the Perspective: “Environmental Problems are Problems for Everyone” with Dr. Wijarn Simachaya, President of the Thailand Environment Institute

The Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that has been assisting in the environmental development of Thailand since 1993. The Institute’s mission is to act as a liaison for holistic environmental operations among the government, businesses, and civil society in order to drive the country’s development towards environmental equilibrium. TEI has received…

April 21, 2021

Digital Technology: A Key Business Assistant in the Age of Social Distancing

Ever since COVID-19 pandemic began exerting an impact on the daily life of people across the world in both personal and professional spheres, more and more people have started to adopt and even embrace digital technology in a very tangible way. We clock in virtually in the morning, order food delivery from our phone…
อาจารย์มยุรี ภาคลำเจียก ที่ปรึกษาสถาบันพลาสติก

May 22, 2020

A New Perspective on Plastic Packaging as a Functional and Eco-Friendly Alternative

Today, plastic is an important material in our daily life. Due to its various properties that are superior to other materials in terms of strength, toughness, transparency, and flexibility to be converted into wide range of applications. In this issue of All Around Plastics, we caught up with Mayuree Paklamjeak, an…

May 7, 2018

Opportunities and Directions of Eco-Innovation: A Pioneer’s Gambit

Environmental problems are among the top priorities of the current world. In response, eco-innovation has been invented to reduce consumption of energy and natural resources and ultimately solve these pressing issues. In the industrial sectors, more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to take eco-innovation seriously. Assoc. Prof. Singh Intrachooto, Head of the Creative Center…

April 9, 2018

Collaboration that creates a difference: Innovative Transparent ZERVEboard access panels

Although natural light is essential to houses, especially townhouses, there might still be interior spaces where light cannot reach that not only necessitate electric lights but may also leave the areas feeling musty. With this issue in mind, Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited, in collaboration with the Siam Gypsum Industry…

September 30, 2017

Navanakorn Plastic – the Plastic Processing Empire That Has Flourished through Generations

Several decades ago, the Sittijitawat family started its first business Ekasilpbangkok, a wholesaler and processor of acrylic and PVC sheets for advertisement signboards, spearheaded by Prasit Sittijitawat. With more experience and greater vision, they later started Navanakorn Plastic Co., Ltd. in 1994 to prepare for the fiercer competition. Their new business imports and distributes plastic…

June 30, 2017

The Green Alliance: Business Partnership for Environmental Sustainability

When it comes to big names in the automotive industry in this region, “Toyota” is inevitably among the first few names that pop into everyone’s mind thanks to its highest sales figures in Thailand and its trustworthy both in terms of its quality and after-sales services. In this issue of All Around Plastics, we…
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