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Green Certificates: Certification for Eco-conscious Consumers

Publish On 05, May 2023 | Green Certificates: Certification for Eco-conscious Consumers

Eco-consciousness is not just a trend, but has become a second nature to us all.


Consumers are now more attentive to the products and services they use and are seeking to understand how to dispose of them properly or choose alternative options that align with their lifestyle. This increased eco-consciousness has not only spurred manufacturers and entrepreneurs to invent or search for materials and products that will meet their environmental concerns but also influence public awareness of green products.


Labels and certificates, even those for raw materials, which appear mostly relevant to production, thus serve as bridges that connect manufacturers and consumers and prompt the entire supply chain to embark on this green journey together. In this column, we’ll be introducing to you some of these green certifications, along with SCGC’s products that have achieved them.



01 Circular Mark

Issued by the Department of Environment, Kasetsart University, and Thailand Environment Institute, in collaboration with PPP Plastics


This circular product label not only guarantees the product quality for consumers but also certifies a circular product and packaging design that creates eco-friendly closed-loop material circulation.


Examples of SCGC’s products: HDPE polymers produced with SMX™ technology, including SMX551BU for durable chemical tanks, SX002J and SX002JA for lighter and thinner soda caps,, S111F for industrial packaging films with extra durability and toughness, S199F for packaging film with enhanced impact- resistance; and high quality PCR produced by SCGC’s business partner TeamPlas Chemical Co., Ltd.



02 SCG Green Choice

This label is given to products, services, and solutions with superior environmental performance compared to regular counterparts. SCG Green Choice’s certification process and communication meet international standards, with measures in place for the control and monitoring of the properties certified.


Examples of SCGC’s products:

  • Climate Resilience: SCGC™ HDPE H1000PWI for the outer coating of HDPE pipes, which reduces energy consumption in water transportation via pipeline by at least 10%
  • Circularity: SCGC™ LDPE D777C for high-speed coating or lamination, which reduces 14% greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Well-Being: SCG Green Premium PVC Pipes for drinking water delivery and drainage



03 RecyClass


RecyClass is a European organization that certifies the recyclability and traceability of recycled materials for plastic packaging. Lab testing standards and processes have been established to provide guidelines for designing sustainable packaging and are regularly improved to achieve compliance with European regulations.


Examples of SCGC’s products: Barrier Coating Technology, an innovation under Recyclable Packaging Solution by SCGC GREEN POLYMER™ that can replace the need for multi-material films in plastic pouches for household products and makes it possible to use mono-material packaging that can be recycled efficiently instead. This innovation is the first in Southeast Asia to be certified by RecyClass.



04 EuCertPlast


EuCertPlast is a European certification program for the raw materials of PCR resins, assuring customers, brand owners, and consumers that products are made with used plastics from a traceable source.


Examples of SCGC’s products:  High quality PCR resins under SCGC GREEN POLYMER™. SCGC has made a foray into the Portuguese and European markets by acquiring 70% shares in Sirplaste, Portugal’s leading recycled plastic manufacturer, to meet the surging demand.



05 Global Recycle Standard (GRS)


Also relevant to high quality PCR resins, GRS is a standard that tracks and inspects the content of recycled materials in products across the supply chain before they reach consumers’ hands as well as the traceability of recycled materials.



06 ISCC Plus by International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC)


This is an international carbon and sustainability certification program that utilizes advanced standards and audits compliance with stringent sustainability requirements and traceability across the value chain.


Examples of SCGC’s products:  Advanced Recycling is a technology for converting used plastics into circular feedstock to be re-processed into plastic resins that have comparable properties to virgin resins and can thus be used in food packaging. SCGC is Thailand’s first petrochemical business to be ISCC-certified across the supply chain.


07 Compostability Certification by DIN CERTCO, Germany


DIN CERTCO certifies bio-based products and provides experts for sustainable materials within the TÜV Rheinland Group. It is the only accredited certification body for environmental certifications at EU level.


Examples of SCGC’s products: Bio Compostable Compound BIOC01FN under the brand SCGC GREEN POLYMER™, a special ready-for-use formula with properties ideal for extrusion into film for the production of compostable bags. The resin has been certified to be industrially compostable at the temperature of 60 °C, at which it will convert into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass within 180 days without leaving any residue in the environment and thus can be fully recirculated into the ecosystem as a reusable resource.

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