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SCGC™ PP P945J – High-flow Polypropylene: Reducing Manufacturing Waste for a Sustainable World

Publish On 22, Mar 2022 | SCGC™ PP P945J – High-flow Polypropylene: Reducing Manufacturing Waste for a Sustainable World

   Plastic has become an inextricable part of our daily life as a material that gives rise to everyday appliances and objects that afford us convenience. The key advantages we gain from plastic products are durability and resource efficiency as they can be used over and over until they reach the end of their useful life.



   However, other than the benefits on the consumer’s end, the perspective of manufacturers is not to be overlooked. Producers invariably seek to minimize defects and avoid causing damage to their products during storage and transportation to prevent wastage. This is especially true with larger products, such as 200-liter tanks, large boxes, and plastic chairs, which are usually stacked to save warehouse spaces and often result in stress whitening marks due to excessive weight on the products.


   Having noticed these problems during storage and transportation while working closely with customers, SCG Chemicals (SCGC) began developing a new grade of plastic resin to better meet manufacturers’ needs and specifically address the issue of stress whitening resulting from stacking during storage.



Polymer that Yields both High Stiffness and Toughness


   SCGC™ PP P945J is a polypropylene block copolymer designed for the manufacturing of large storage boxes and household appliances formed with injection molding. This plastic resin has a melt flow rate (MFR) of 65 grams per 10 minutes, which is ideal for high-speed injection machines and makes it easier to form large or complex products, thus minimizing defects generated during production and any costs associated with such wastage. In addition, as it helps reduce the cycle time, this polymer can also contribute to higher manufacturing efficiency.


   The key feature of this plastic resin is the perfect balance between stiffness and impact strength, which helps to reduce stress whitening marks often found when products are kept in stacks for an extended period of time. The polymer passed a drop test at the height of 4 meters and a stress whitening test with the test product stored in a stack of 10 bearing 25 kilograms for one month.



   SCGC™ PP P945J is also friendly to the environment, manufacturers, and users and can be used in products that come into direct contact with food and beverages because it is free of phthalate, which is toxic to the human body; it has been certified to FDA, EU10/2011, GB Standard, RoHS, REACH, and Packaging & Packaging Waste (94/62/EC).


“I’m thoroughly impressed by the properties of this new plastic resin. At the same time, I’m also very pleased to have been a part of this development project and provided useful information to SCGC’s development team, which has ultimately yielded a new polymer that better caters to industrial needs.” – Mr. Sonu Shewakramani – Group Managing Director, Suntrac International Co., Ltd.


“This plastic grade has properties that are ideal for the manufacturing of large plastic products and can easily fill molds, particularly in the production of complex products like water tanks. It also noticeably reduces cracks during transportation.” – Mr. R.V. Ramanan – Assistant General Manager, KGM Industries Limited.


If you are interested in SCGC™ PP P945 or require additional information on its properties, please contact

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