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Golden Pothos Pots from Hemodialysate Gallons: Paying Everyday Happiness Forward with Circular Economy

Publish On 21, Apr 2021 | Golden Pothos Pots from Hemodialysate Gallons: Paying Everyday Happiness Forward with Circular Economy

   Monitoring of PM 2.5 levels, both inside and outside of their homes or working spaces, has become a new routine for many people to make sure they have adequate protection. Air pollution, which is becoming more and more prevalent each day, has triggered a sustainable love for the environment within everyone, as seen from small acts like growing air-purifying plants indoors to large-scale initiatives like the circular economy.



Collaborative Beginnings


   Despite being in two different industries, Chemicals Business, SCG, and Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) shares a vision of conducting business sustainably, and have worked together on numerous collaborative projects. Among these is a project that transforms used hemodialysate gallons that would otherwise turn into 150-200 units of waste per day into pots for houseplants through the process of upcycling. The gallons are given a new life as planters for golden pothos, bringing joy to every households..



Design-Oriented in Every Aspect


   For the golden pothos pot, the key features lies with the design of the product, which emphasizes the ease plant care and maintenance, and its beautiful appearance. The inner part of the planter is separated into two layers. The translucent outer layer functions as a receptacle for water, while the inner layer holds the potting mix, such as soil and coconut husks. A wick inserted into the lower part draws water up to hydrate the plant in the inner layer, and the outer layer can be removed for easy refills and then closed to prevent evaporation. Once water is filled to the indicated line, the plant can remain for 1-2 weeks without further watering.



   The choice of golden pothos itself has been mindfully selected with the intention of designing a pot for indoor use. This variety of pothos has the ability to reduce indoor pollution, especially carbon dioxide and PM 2.5, due to its excellent air-purifying properties. It is also suitable for placing on desks or decorating personal spaces, adding a touch of freshness and creating a better quality of life even in small spaces.



Circulating Value


   In the process of recycling hemodialysate gallons, which are the base material for producing these pots, the cap, foil cover, and label must first be removed. Then, the containers are cleaned thoroughly both inside and out with detergent to remove residual glue, rinsed with clean water, and dried before being passed on to the production process. Each one-gallon container yields three planters. SCG was responsible for developing the formulation for the recycled plastic as well as controlling the molding process to achieve the desired design.


   This collaboration was made possible by the expertise of both Chemicals Business, SCG, and BDMS, from the research process and proper handling of the hemodialysate gallons all the way to design and production. Once the vision has been manifested into a finished product, it is a source of inspiration for all parties involved to continue to strive towards establishing the cycle of circular economy and paying goodwill forward through golden pothos pots while also preserving this beautiful world for future generations.



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