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Tan Batik: A Burgeoning Seawater-dyed Batik Community Enterprise

Publish On 17, Jul 2018 | Tan Batik: A Burgeoning Seawater-dyed Batik Community Enterprise

Ethnic fashion is trending and Thailand’s local products have captured the attention of some of the world’s biggest brands. This is a time for the local craftworks to shine.



Community enterprises have the potential to empower communities and revitalize their cultural heritage. Rayong is home to one such project – “Tan Batik Community Enterprise” by Pailin ‘Tan’ Dongdang. Started as a small group of batik lovers, the community never stops developing its products and inspiring an appreciation for local handicrafts in younger generations, and SCG Chemicals, SCG is a proud supporter of its journey.



One of the challenges Tan Batik faced is the lack of a brand identity. Therefore, SCG suggested the use of seawater, an abundant local resource, as a substitute for saltwater traditionally required in the dyeing process. In addition, a flying swan design inspired by the ornaments on the gable of Lum Temple was developed in association with a cultural organization in the province and incorporated into their products. Thus, a uniquely Rayong batik was born.



Then, to promote effective business management and sustainability, SCG offered practical training and workshops to Tan Batik on various topics such as accountancy, brand building, and brand personality analysis. The company also helped the enterprise obtain a patent for the seawater-dyed indigo batik, which will benefit the producers of related products and support the entire economy of the community.



As for sales channels, both retail and e-commerce are encouraged. SCG helps screen trade fairs to better define their target groups and develop appropriate contents geared towards them. Selected fashion designers have also been invited to create collections for Tan Batik to further establish a distinct brand identity.



Based on its extensive experience as a community enterprise advisor, SCG has established four categories of enterprises – newborn, ready, growth, and successor, and with their great potential both in terms of production standards and management, Tan Batik is set to ascend to the next level and become a successor who will spearheads the use of systematic community enterprise development to strengthen local economy as envisioned by the National Development Strategy.


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