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SCG Attended the Launch of “7 Go Green Recycled Plastic Road”

Publish On 04, Oct 2019 | SCG Attended the Launch of “7 Go Green Recycled Plastic Road”

CP All partnered with SCG and Dow Thailand Group to advance

“7 Go Green” campaign, unveiling “7 Go Green Recycled Plastic Road”

that recycles unwanted plastic waste into road paving.

The first pilot initiative is carried out at the car park in front of Sai Mai branch of 7-elevent store,

hoping to pave the way for sustainable environmental stewardship.





Mr. Suwit Kingkaew, Senior Vice President – General Management of CP All Plc, the founder of 7-Eleven stores in Thailand, said, “The 7 Go Green Recycled Plastic Road is an initiative that can pragmatically reduce plastic waste. We collaborated with SCG and Dow Thailand Group in project planning and operation to develop recycled plastic road which advances the campaign “7 Go Green” being carried out to reduce and stop plastic bags. The project also helps bring value to the community with the intention to build an environmental sustainability for the community, society, and the country under CP All’s vision of ‘Giving and Sharing Opportunities’.”


The 7 Go Green Recycled Plastic Road is an approach to promote plastic waste management practices and maximize the beneficial use to offer tangible solutions to the plastic waste crisis. The initiative is made possible by a combined effort to develop the process and technique for road construction. The method includes transforming separated waste collected in the main office, product distribution centers, and 7-eleven stores through the shredding process into asphalt mixture to make the road with improved durability, higher performance, and superior corrosion resistance. The recycled plastic road is open to public use as a car park for the 7-eleven convenience store. 7-Eleven is the first convenience store in Thailand to adopt recycled plastic roads where two branches are currently being piloted in the initial phase. The project will be further expanded to other branches in the future.





Mr. Sakchai Patiparnpreechavud, Vice President – Polyolefin and Vinyl Business, Chemicals Business, SCG, said, “SCG has incorporated the circular economy in business operations, aligning with SCG Circular Way and the approach of resource maximization, waste separation, and proper disposal. The plastic waste will be transformed to replace the use of asphalt, which is a solution jointly developed by SCG and Dow to reduce plastic waste. Plastics are reusable and recyclable materials. If proper management is in place, it will help prevent waste leakage into the environment. Using plastic waste as part of the road construction materials is an exemplary way to harness useful properties of plastics which are durable and long service life structures to improve road strength and erosion resistance. This initiative also helps diminish greenhouse gas emissions caused by asphalt production. SCG believes that collaboration of all sectors is vital to make the Circular Economy a reality. SCG is committed to supporting network building to bring real change to Thai society.”





Mr. Chatchai Luanpolcharoenchai, President of Dow Thailand Group, said, “This technology helps bring out benefits and value of plastic waste, diminishing plastic litter discarded as waste and keeping plastic debris from entering the environment. The road made of plastic waste mixture shows superior strength to the traditional asphalt road.


The 7 Go Green Recycled Plastic Road is a collaboration of committed organizations to promote concrete plastic waste management solutions by creating values according to the circular economy concept which yields not only positive environmental results but also helps foster communities as the waste can bring benefits to the local community. The project has started with 7-Eleven store in Sai Mai Soi 3 and 7-Eleven store Ratpattana Soi 24. The plan will be further developed and expanded to other branches as part to reduce plastic use in the future permanently and preserve the country’s environment in a sustainable manner.




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