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Eliminating the Die Lip Build-up Problem for Cable Businesses

Publish On 04, Dec 2018 | Eliminating the Die Lip Build-up Problem for Cable Businesses

In the cable industry, a smallest defect such as die lip build-up that forms during cable insulation can snowball into a chronic problem that affects both the production and the quality of the product, causing unnecessary costs and loss of other resources.





As it believes that good solutions are rooted in effective problem analyses, Chemicals Business, SCG, as a plastic resin manufacturer, works with each of its clients individually to offer personalized solutions that will serve them best and solve their problems sustainably and most effectively.



Q: What is Die Built-up and How Does It Affect Cables and Manufacturers?

A: Plate-out refers to the plastic deposits that accumulate on the surface of the cables when they are pushed through the extruder during the extrusion process. Traces of plate-out are normal and can be rectified with surface finishing. However, if left to accumulate, plate-out can build up and cause defects to an entire lot of products.


Q: What are Possible Causes of Die Lip Plate-Out?

A: There are two major factors contributing to plate-out, namely the composition of the raw materials or plastic resins and process condition. To analyze the source of the problems, our technicians will visit at site to check whether the raw materials meet the standard and whether the process condition of the extruder has been configured appropriately for the selected raw materials.


Die Lip Build-up that might Peel Off onto Cables and Cause Defects.


Q: How does the Technical Team Analyze and Solve a Problem?

A: Our technical team will simulate the same circumstances as the client’s factory in the company’s lab, using the same materials and machine configurations. These factors are then adjusted, so that the technicians can compare the results and identify the true source of the problem and the most effective solution, which is then proposed to the client to prevent the problem from recurring in the future.



Q: What is the Scope of SCG’s Solutions?

A: This is an aftersales service as the problem arises after the product has been delivered and used. For SCG’s existing clients, our technical team can instantly perform an analysis based on their formulas and requirements in our records. However, for first-time clients who have never used our plastic resins before, our technical team will visit them to find out about their machines and assist with the calibration to suit the production of each individual client.


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