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Active Flow™ Additive

Publish On 27, Apr 2018 | Active Flow™ Additive

   Either virgin or recycled plastic resin is used, a common issue for old plastic molding machines is insufficient flowability, which leads to high energy consumption and decreased output.




   While the way to invest in new machine replacement is an option, SCG Chemicals has come up with a more efficient, convenient, and cost-saving solution: Active FlowTM, polyethylene homopolymer,  that not only increases flowability but also boosts productivity and save electricity costs up to 20%. Thanks to its flexibility to use in wide range of applications, this additive presents one of the most convenient alternatives for factory operators facing the issue of insufficient flowability, allowing them to save the money otherwise needed for machinery replacement to other developments that will enhance their competitiveness and take their businesses further forward.





Distinctive properties of Active FlowTM

  • Polyethylene Homopolymer, which improve flowability and moldability
  • *Boosting productivity up to 20%
  • *Saving electricity costs up to 20%
  • Wide range of applications
  • Active FlowTM can be dry-blended with plastic resin

* The figures may vary between different machines.


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