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Patom Organic Farm Delivering Farmers’ Labor of Love to Consumers

Publish On 20, Nov 2020 | Patom Organic Farm Delivering Farmers’ Labor of Love to Consumers

   The Sampran Model is a social enterprise that seeks to empower organic farmers in Sampran, Nakhon Prathom. During its first phase, the project delivered fresh produce to Bangkokians for several years through Patom Organic Living, a café in a greenhouse in the heart of Sukhumvit. Today, Sampran farmers are ready to welcome visitors and show them how sustainable farming is done at Patom Organic Farm in Sampran.





From Suan Sampran to an Organic Farm for All


   Patom Organic Farm is a section in Suan Sampran, a destination that has become a household name. Determined to create a business model that is rooted in fairness and serves as a connector between producers and consumers, the third-generation owner has included an organic farming learning center as well as a café in this farm to create a way of life that is in harmony with nature.


   Patom Organic Farm not only expresses its care for consumer health through its fresh organic products but also shows its love to the world by injecting the principle of circular economy into every process in all restaurants in the area, namely Inn Chan, a Thai restaurant that has been with Suan Sampran for over 50 years and Rim Nam, serving a variety of Thai and International dishes with Tapas style. Also standing in the area of the farm is Patom Organic Café – the second branch of cozy organic café from the first location in Thonglor, which brings a modern lifestyle to the setting.





Patom Organic Café


   The only café in Suan Sampran, Patom Organic Café embodies the concept of sustainable architecture just like its first location but is set in a larger greenhouse that offers a 360-degree view of the lush greenery outside and at the same time adds an eye-catching element to the farm. Its commitment to circularity is also very much tangible as the furniture here is made primarily of wood from fallen trees in the farm – a great way to make the most of natural resources and create added value.





   Its dedication to circularity permeates into the kitchen and back-office management, where every part of fresh produce is used to the greatest advantage. In addition, their primary ingredients, which meets the IFOAM-EU-Canada organic farming standard, are sourced directly from Patom organic farm and 16 groups; 180 families of farmers in Sampran Model, which not only guarantees the freshness and safety of the organic produce but also reduces the fuel otherwise required for transportation.


   Furthermore, the café is phasing out single-use plastic bottles and straws in favor of those made with reusable materials. Leftovers and food scraps from the restaurants and the café are also composted, while used cooking oil is processed into biodiesel for use in the farm, creating a closed-loop system.





   Patom Organic Farm is an example of how good resource management can create material cycles that maximize resource efficiency. This model would not have been successful without the understanding of everyone involved in the cycle. This organic farm demonstrates that to successfully realize a circular economy, a business model has to be guided by knowledge that enables it to achieve sustainable growth.


Patom Organic Farm
21 Moo 2, Phet Kasem Road, Sampran, Nakorn Pathom
Tel: 0-3432-2588-93


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