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Acrylic Sheets as an Alternative to Glass Panes: Plastic Innovation and Modern Design

Publish On 05, May 2023 | Acrylic Sheets as an Alternative to Glass Panes: Plastic Innovation and Modern Design

Widely recognized as a material in daily life items, plastic also has a lesser-known role as a construction material. An example is an acrylic sheet designed to have properties and visual characteristics that enable it to be used as a substitute for glass panes.


While the use of acrylic sheets has thus far been restricted to interior partitioning, advancements in their durability, strength, clarity, and UV-resistance have greatly improved. As a result, they are now suitable for outdoor use and can even enhance the quality of life for building occupants.


Today, we will introduce you to acrylic – an innovative everyday material for modern houses and buildings.



Acrylic: A material with both functionalities and aesthetic qualities for your home


A key factor in home design for a good quality of life is exposure to natural light and the view outside, glass is often used in many areas of the house, such as guardrails, awnings, doors, and partitions, as its transparency creates an open and spacious feel to the space and allows for unobstructed views of the surrounding environment.


In terms of functionality, acrylic is in no way inferior to glass as it also offers transparency and allows ample light transmission. Specifically designed and developed to prioritize material properties, user safety, and construction costs, acrylic sheets for construction are produced using the continuous casting method, which ensures even thickness and consistent color throughout, a smooth and unblemished surface, as well as superior width and length compared to regular acrylic sheets.



To address common problems, Shinkolite’s latest Durable Series has been designed to be twice more scratch-resistant than regular acrylic sheets and to have high impact resistance, making it harder to shatter when compared to glass, making it suitable for projects requiring safe usage and installation, especially in houses and public spaces.


In terms of construction, the acrylic sheet is also superior as it is 50% lighter than every kind of glass pane of the same thickness, thus facilitating transportation, reducing work time and the labor required to transport it, saving structure costs, and decreasing the load on the structure in the long term. As a result, the acrylic sheet offers great value and affords greater design flexibility.


Acrylic sheets are also easy to maintain as they only need to be wiped down with a soft cloth and soapy water, followed by clean water, and then wiped dry.



Acrylic sheets and multipurpose functionalities


Thanks to its outstanding properties, acrylic is well-suited for a diverse range of design and construction applications, from roofs, awnings, guardrails, interior doors, facades, décor, and signage to sanitary ware. Acrylic also offers the flexibility to be formed in accordance with the designers’ design.


These functional properties are certified to the Thai Industrial Standard No. 2685-2558, making the Shinkolite acrylic sheet the first and only acrylic sheet in Thailand to meet this newly issued and elevated standard, which requires that the acrylic sheet must have even thickness, a smooth surface, and no blemishes, air bubbles, or scratches throughout. It must also be clear and transparent, and the color, if any, must be distributed evenly across the sheet. The standard also requires the acrylic sheet to be wrapped in protective material against dust, dirt, and scratches throughout the duration of transportation and storage to the moment of delivery.


The Durable Shinkolite acrylic sheet presents an interesting alternative for design and construction applications that require transparency and a smooth and even surface. Coupled with its resistance to scratches and impact, the acrylic sheet answers both functional and aesthetic needs and is ideal for architectural and design projects.

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