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White Story: A Healthy and Eco-friendly Family Diner

Publish On 21, Apr 2021 | White Story: A Healthy and Eco-friendly Family Diner

   As people make a conscious decision to stay at home to reduce risks during the current situation, grab-and-go foodservice seem to have grown in popularity as an alternative to food delivery services.


   And when it comes to grab-and-go restaurants known for their quality and freshness, one of the names on the top of that list is White Story.





   White Story has been in business for over 14 years and currently has 10 branches. Highlighting the concept of healthy and delicious meals for everyone in the family, White Story is meticulous with their ingredient selection, sourcing organic produce to avoid chemicals and support organic farmers. They also serve only freshly cooked meals that contain no additives and preservatives.


   Their menu offers a wide variety of dishes from Thai, Western, Chinese, and Japanese cuisines, ranging from entrées to desserts, snacks, beverages, all the way to dried products that can be saved for days when you don’t want to leave home. Their not-to-be-missed item is none other than their bread, fresh out the oven every day, made with fresh milk, organic eggs, and fresh yeast.





   In addition to their excellent customer service, White Story also focuses on environmental conservation. White Story’s branches use packaging made from reused and recycled paper or products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which ensures that the paper is obtained from properly managed commercial forests and not from natural forests.


   Their environmental care also applies to the back office management. White Story sorts its waste and systematically manages its leftover food by donating it to projects that give food to those in need, while food scraps are composted into organic fertilizers.





   When it comes to safety measures for customers, their attention to detail is no less impressive. In addition to basic equipment like a thermal scanner and alcohol spray, each of White Story’s braches is equipped with an automatic payment system to minimize contact between customers and the staff. In addition, White Story has Shinkolite partitions installed, made from clear premium-grade Shinkolite TM acrylic sheets, which offers strength, durability, visibility, and ease of disinfection, effectively protecting users from aerosol-borne pathogens when they are talking to each other.


   No matter when the COVID-19 pandemic ends, the most important thing is to take care of yourself, your family and staying healthy. When choosing your next meal, besides quality ingredients, don’t forget to look into the restaurant’s safety measures, choice of packaging, and waste management so that your meal is good not only for your health but also for the world.


For more information on all 10 White Story outlets:
LINE @whitestory

For more information on clear ready-made Shinkolite TM acrylic aerosol partitions, please contact:
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