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Café Kantary, By The Sea Take in the sea breeze and the seaside views.

Publish On 16, Mar 2020 | Café Kantary, By The Sea Take in the sea breeze and the seaside views.

Just take a three-hour drive from Bangkok and you’ll arrive at Saeng Chan Beach in Rayong, where Café Kantary By The Sea, a seaside café in Kantary Bay Rayong, is tucked away, boasting scenic views of the palm-fringed beach against the clear blue sky and the pristine sea.





While staying true to the eco-conscious concept of Ca Kantary, this Rayong location sets itself apart with an outdoor living design, featuring a glass-walled indoor section and an outdoor zone, which features a transparent ShinkoLiteTM roof, designed to keep the area cool all day and allow visitors to fully enjoy the view of sunset in comfort.





The transparent roof, which allows light to filter through while also blocking out heat, not only keeps this area cool even in the blazing afternoon sun, but also gives an airy feel to the space and allows it to blend perfectly with the overall design of the café. In addition, the acrylic sheets, which are lighter than glass panes, are supported by a layered fin-like structure, which helps further filter out the sunlight and creates an interplay of light and shadow that shifts throughout the day. While the customers can comfortably appreciate the outdoor ambience thanks to this roof, they can also fully enjoy the scenic vista of the sea through an expansive glass wall.





Catering to the lifestyle of people who spend their day outside, their menu features international foods and beverages for each period of the day, from light breakfast dishes to lunch and dinner dishes as well as desserts to go with your afternoon tea. Also available are munchies and alcoholic beverages for you to unwind with as you enjoy a relaxing evening and the sea breeze.





This café is a testament that design and material selection are beyond just a matter of aesthetics but help address our needs and elevate our quality of life.


Café Kantary, By The Sea

Opens daily from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.

50 Liab Chai Fang Road, Pak Nam Sub-district, Muang District, Rayong 21000

Tel: 0-3880-4844


For more information on Shinkolite acrylic sheets, please visit:


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