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Once A Day Caffe A cozy café by a coffee aficionado

Publish On 03, Feb 2020 | Once A Day Caffe A cozy café by a coffee aficionado

It was his passion for seeking new coffee blends that led Joe, a young interior designer, to open his cozy nook for coffee lovers called Once A Day Caffe.





The café makes up for its compact size with smart space utilization. The interior décor, which features a combination of painted steel and exposed wood, oozes the vibe of a cozy vintage loft, heightened by the view of the lush greenery and large shady trees in the garden outside that can be seen through the windows.





The covered outdoor patio offers a perfect nook for urbanites who enjoy trees. With a large chuanchom tree already providing some shade, the owner has decided to install an awning fitted with transparent ShinkoLiteTM acrylic sheets, which not only creates protection from the rain and sun but also complements the overall décor of the café and keeps the area open and airy.





This café also houses Joe’s interior design office, with the meeting room on the second floor transformed into a space for customers on weekends, when the café is usually bustling with people. Thanks to the windows that overlook the garden and the surrounding area below, the meeting room, which you can also book if you’re looking for one, looks airy and roomy for its size.





Once A Day Caffe uses medium and dark roasts, which appeal to the palate of Thai coffee lovers and are the preferences of the owner himself. The café also serves freshly-baked homemade treats, and by popular demand, a selection of dishes to cater to those who want to have a relaxing time.





Take a break from a city life and enjoy the coffee aroma and homemade cake in a cozy atmosphere at Once A Day Caffe.





Once A Day Caffe

Opens daily from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

1351 Soi Si Burapha 9 (opposite Nawamin Phirom Park and near NIDA)

Tel: 09-9635-3686




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