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7Ss for Shinkolite Installation

Publish On 15, Jan 2019 | 7Ss for Shinkolite Installation


Space: The site must be open on least two sides and not located near heat sources, such as ovens.




Save Cost: The size of the structure to be installed should be adjusted to match the size of the panels to avoid leftover scraps and save costs. For instance, the length of an awning should be 1, 1.5, 2, or 2.5 meters long, which matches the panel size.




Structure: The spacing in the structure must be calculated correctly. The purlin spacing must be 50 cm, while the rafter spacing must not exceed 1.392 m. The rafters must be welded in such a way that they are flush with the purlins. If the roof extends over six meters, the roof support must be a stepped structure.




Slope: The slope should be angled at 5 degrees.




Spare Gap: A spare gap of 12-14 mm. is left between panels to allow for expansion and shrinkage upon exposure to sunlight.




Screw: To bore a hole, a drill bit is used, followed by a router bit. The screw must be inserted into the center of the hole.




Stain: The panel should be cleaned with a mixture of water and dish soap. Do not use glass cleaners and paint thinners.



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