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emisspro® x Bangchak Shared Goals for Environmental Innovation

Publish On 05, May 2023 | emisspro® x Bangchak Shared Goals for Environmental Innovation

Climate emergency has been declared to raise awareness and prompt immediate action among the world’s population.


As upstream manufacturers, SCGC and Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited foresaw this issue and have taken urgent action to solve it by setting their sights on carbon neutrality while also implementing “green innovations” like emisspro® to preserve the world for as long as possible.



emisspro® – Innovation to Reduce Furnace Energy Consumption


Industrial furnaces are known as having high energy consumption, and have poor heat retention which negatively impacts the environment. To address this, green innovation products have been developed to decrease energy usage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as emisspro®, a coating for industrial furnaces.


Dr. Suracha Udomsak, Chief Innovation Officer and Executive Vice President-New Business, SCGC, tells about the origin of this green innovation,


“SCGC has placed a great deal of importance on climate emergency for many years and, in this past year, declared the goal of becoming a leader in carbon reduction. emisspro® is one way of reducing energy consumption in furnaces, which we started using in SCGC’s olefins industry more than 10 years ago and has shown good results, reducing energy consumption by 5%, thus saving more than 35,000 tons of fuel/year and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 73,000 tons of carbon/year, which is equivalent to planting more than 7.7 million trees.”


The key features of emisspro® are that it can absorb and radiate heat well, using emisspro® R-Series, it can also be bonded to refractory surfaces, as well as inside furnace and boiler pipes using emisspro® T-Series. It is resistant to temperature changes during operational conditions, help reduce fuel consumption and increase productivity, and reduce the future formation of oxidation, thus keeping the pipe surface clean for a long time. emisspro® products can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, are environmentally-friendly, and help to extend the service life of refractory material and pipes inside furnaces as well.


“A good thing like this shouldn’t be kept only within the chemicals industry because reducing global warming is an important issue. emisspro® is being used in the steel and ceramics industries as well as in partnership with our allies in the oil refinery industry with great feedback,” Dr. Suracha adds.



emisspro® and Bangchak Collaborate to Save the World


Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited, also known as Bangchak, is a Thai energy company that operates with environmental and social responsibility. It has set goals for carbon neutrality by 2030 and net zero GHG emissions by 2050 and has widely implemented the use of emisspro® T-Series pipe coating in oil refineries and power plants to increase thermal efficiency and extend the life of furnace and boiler pipes made out of various materials, such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and alloy steel, with satisfactory results.


Ms. Gloyta Nathalang, Executive Vice President, Corporate Branding, Communication and Sustainability Activation, Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited shares her impression,


“The emisspro® furnace coating innovation used in Bangchak’s refineries contributes towards the company’s goal of reducing cost and energy consumption and increasing work efficiency in order to allow the refinery to operate at maximum efficiency while releasing the least amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This innovation helps mitigate oil loss, increase combustion efficiency, and reduce energy consumption, making our refineries even more environmentally friendly.”


Using emisspro® coating in Bangchak’s oil refineries has reduced energy consumption by approximately 3,860 tons/year and greenhouse gas emissions by 11,300 tons carbon/year, which is equivalent to planting more than 1.3 million trees.



Another highlight of emisspro® is the complete service provided by Texplore Co., Ltd., which has a team of specialists who are able to advise on and propose suitable plans to maximize efficiency for various furnace conditions as well as provide quality assurances during operations to ensure that work is completed according to plan and provide customer care and after-sales services quickly and efficiently.


The invention and delivery of innovations to the hands of real users within the industry is through the power of cooperation using INNOVATION THAT’S REAL for the benefit of the industry and the consumers as well as the world, which is the place of possibilities for all of us.

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