> INTERVIEW > The Evolution of a Family-Owned Water Tank Company Through the Ideas of the New Generation

The Evolution of a Family-Owned Water Tank Company Through the Ideas of the New Generation

Publish On 16, Nov 2021 | The Evolution of a Family-Owned Water Tank Company Through the Ideas of the New Generation


   From its beginning as a producer of zinc-coated metal water tanks imprinted with the now-familiar sailboat emblem all the way to plastic water tanks and even expanding to plastic furniture, Jaroenmitr Company Limited, a well-known manufacturer and distributor of plastic and stainless steel water tanks, has been in the industry for over 53 years. The company has now passed into the hands of the third generation, Ms. Ploychanok ‘Ploy’ Mitrprasertporn, who grew up in the family’s business. Under the guidance of her father and company president, Mr. Santi Mitrprasertporn, she has seamlessly integrated her generation’s mindset on green business into Jaroenmitr’s corporate culture.



From Start to Growth: The New Generation’s Readiness for Change


“Ever since I was a kid, my father took me to the plant with him every day. It became a second home to me, and the staff were like my family. So, I wanted to do even better, sustain this standard, and develop to our fullest potential. After I graduated, my father put me to work as a regular intern, so I requested a placement at a manufacturing plant outside of Bangkok. I started by managing the inventory and then moved on to sales. Most importantly, I had the opportunity to interact directly with the clients who used our products, and so I became aware of the various problems and was able to apply this knowledge towards improving our operations and products to better cater to customer needs.”


“I’ve been working here for four years. I’m now in charge of marketing, which entails conducting market analysis on trends all the way to the different needs of each branch, which are always in flux. However, our advantage is that my father is always open to trying new things, so I has been instilled with a readiness for change.”



Expansion from Water Tanks to Plastic Furniture


“Jaroenmitr is well equipped with personnel, materials, and machinery, so we are able to develop molds to produce any type of products. However, we keep in mind the demands of the market in order to select the material, equipment, and system that is most suitable for each and every product. For example, Jaroenmitr’s expansion into furniture came out of the recognition of the potential of our manufacturing processes, that we were ready in every aspect. We try to leverage the capabilities of plastic to address common problems in traditional furniture, both in terms of the product’s appearance by preventing the fading of the color and its durability against deterioration and damage. However, we are not limiting ourselves to furniture. Tomorrow we might move on to automotive parts, golf carts, or something else that can be made with plastic.”



Turning towards Greener Materials


“Personally, I enjoy scuba diving, so I want to preserve the beauty of marine life, coral reefs, and the marine environment. This has inspired me to become eco-conscious. I’m very strict with my staff at the plants and always stress the minimization of waste during the production process. As a manufacturer of plastic products, we have to pay particular attention to this aspect and take care not to let waste or pollution threaten our beloved environment.”


“SCG Chemicals’ team introduced me to the post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin made out of recycled milk pouches collected from schools through the Milk Pouch for a Greener World program, which are cleaned and then processed by SCG into plastic resin for reuse. I saw this as a good opportunity and a way to support the recycling of these used plastics.”


“Once we tried forming these PCR resins into outdoor chairs, the resulting products were just as strong as those made of virgin plastic. I was pleased with both the quality and with being part of the solution by repurposing what others see as trash with no value into a product that has value in and of itself. This is my contribution to taking environmental conservation.”



“When I think of milk pouches, I think of my own childhood. As a manufacturer of plastic products myself, it feels good to see milk pouches like the ones that I used to drink at school every day transformed into the chairs that we now produce. The children, who are directly involved in collecting and cleaning these pouches probably also feel good and proud once they see the outcome of their efforts. This initiative also instills in children an awareness of how to sort waste and take care of the environment. Therefore, I believe that taking part in the manufacturing of these products has a positive impact and helps encourage the children to continue doing good.”

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