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Navanakorn Plastic – the Plastic Processing Empire That Has Flourished through Generations

Publish On 30, Sep 2017 | Navanakorn Plastic – the Plastic Processing Empire That Has Flourished through Generations

   Several decades ago, the Sittijitawat family started its first business Ekasilpbangkok, a wholesaler and processor of acrylic and PVC sheets for advertisement signboards, spearheaded by Prasit Sittijitawat. With more experience and greater vision, they later started Navanakorn Plastic Co., Ltd. in 1994 to prepare for the fiercer competition. Their new business imports and distributes plastic sheets as well as processes plastic sheets, rods, and pipes, encompassing an even greater variety of plastic types, such as PC, PP, PETG, PA6, MC NYLON, POM, HDPE, UHMW-PE, PEEK, PI, PTFE, ABS, HI.PS, PAI and PEI.





           Today, the patriarch of the family is passing on the torch to his child, Chakapong Sittijitawat, Sales and Marketing Manager, who will take the helm of this two-decade-old business. With the new leadership inevitably come new changes to different areas of the company, especially the management.


            “We started out as a family business. However, when we started a factory, I wanted to lay down systems for accounting, inventory, production and quality control, and workplace safety. Moving to Navanakorn Industrial Zone has enabled us to fully penetrate the industrial market. Plastic processing involves transforming plastic sheets into products as per clients’ requirements by cutting, folding, drilling, thermoforming, assembling, welding, and trimming. We have a team of experts and cutting-edge machines, on which we make more investment each year. As we hope to become a one-stop service for every need related to plastic sheets and rods, we have been expanding our product lines by importing more plastic types and preparing to become an OEM capable of manufacturing products for our clients. In addition, we are also a solution provider that offers assistance with plastic selection.”





           Despite adaptation and changes required to establish standards and ensure growth, the one thing that this second-generation successor has learned from his family business and has adhered to, in addition to the commitment to quality that Navanakorn Plastic is known for, is the sincerity and honesty towards his clients.


           “Clients are the heart of an organization. We are committed to the service we provide to our clients, whether it’s for a two-figure or seven-figure invoice. We are confident in our honesty and straightforwardness with our clients. Every quotation that we issue includes as many details as possible because we want our clients to gain maximum satisfaction at acceptable prices. Quality is also our forte. We choose only quality materials, and our personnel have a wealth of experience and are well familiar with plastic. In addition, our punctuality of product manufacturing and delivery has also been rated the highest by our clients.”


           When asked about trends in the plastic processing business and future goals, Chakapong Sittijitawat, says that the industry is likely to see a steady growth thanks to the versatility of plastic, which affords a wide range of use and allows it to be used as substitute for other materials. The goal of the company in the next five years is to create growth while maintaining standards to retain its main client group. The company also aims to become better known among prospective clients and expand its customer base with certain plastics for which there has not been much demand. Furthermore, it has plans to present specific grades of plastic that help reduce production costs because the company believes this presents a more sustainable market. Another important thing that he has learned from running a family business is the care for the company’s employees.







           What I would like to accomplish most in the future is to further strengthen our organization from the inside by implementing efficient information technology systems that will facilitate collaboration and communication between departments. However, while machines will grow in importance, human resources will still be our most valuable asset. I would like to enhance employee benefits. I would like to see them happy and have a better quality of life.


           Lastly, concerning factors that will lead the company ahead sustainably, Chakapong Sittijitawat, says that a company cannot grow alone and must have strong allies.





            “Through being a client of Thai MMA, a joint venture between SCG Chemicals and Mitsubishi Chemical Japan, I’ve learned that it is not simply about trade. It is about moving forward and growing together. I am impressed with and thankful to the sales and marking teams of Thai MMA, who did not approach us just to get their sales but have brought us clients. We have helped each other solve issues when faced with crises. Therefore, they are a business partner that has contributed greatly to the growth of our acrylic plastic processing operation. This is the insight I have obtained from this partnership and adopted as a guideline when co-developing products with our clients. I no longer meet up with my clients with the aim of making sales but rather to present alternatives and solutions. My goal is to ensure that they benefit from the partnership with Navanakorn Plastic, just as we do.”


           The strong foundation, the accumulation of expertise in plastic processing, the interaction of similar and clashing visions in the family, the convergence of the old and new working methods to establish exceptional standards, every experience gained through learning and adaptation, and the sincerity and honesty it has offered to its employees and partners — all of this is the reason that Navanakorn Plastic has grown through the years from generation to generation until today.



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