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Automation: The Next Level of Innovation for Enhanced Efficiency

Publish On 15, Dec 2020 | Automation: The Next Level of Innovation for Enhanced Efficiency



   Ever since the Industrial Revolution about 260 years ago, humanity has never stopped innovating in order to improve industrial efficiency. We have been in a constant search for ways to enhance our manufacturing process and achieve better quality with greater speed, less energy, and less human involvement where risk is present. And today, many manufacturers are turning to automation – a system of machinery that operates automatically – to boost production efficiency and keep pushing their competitive capacity to the next level.



Unmanned Stacker and Automatic Barcode Sticking Machine

Unmanned Stacker (left) Automatic Barcode Sticking Machine (right)



   Automation enables factories to better control production costs as well as ensure consistent quality and timely delivery of products. As it helps enhance efficiency, increase production capacity, and significantly reduce risk of accidents for workers, automation is such a perfect answer to the increasingly fierce competition and has thus become the foundation of almost all industries at present.



Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)



   Among the companies that are developing their knowledge and expertise for a transition towards automation is Nawa Intertech, which has been honing its basic machining skills in making injection molds and extrusion dies for its parent company Nawaplastic Industries, forging dies, patterns and core boxes for the automotive industry, as well as pulp molds and paper molds for the food industry. Over the past few years, Nawa Intertech has transitioned into an automation business to cater to customers both within and outside of SCG.





   Suthad Sinsuesatkul, Managing Director of Nawa Intertech Co., Ltd., said that Nawa Intertech has so far been operating an automation business that centers around customer needs and focuses on maximizing cost-effectiveness. As such, its working process begins with collecting in-depth data on the production process of the factory and exploring its readiness in different aspects, so as to analyze and determine how each possible alternative compares in terms of cost-effectiveness, timeframe, conditions as well as maintenance in the long run.


“When we work, we always experiment within our own factory first. Every time we provide services, we imagine that we are a customer who is looking for the best option,” said Suthad, stressing the philosophy of the company.


   For every project, rather than solving specific issues separately, Nawa Intertech takes a holistic approach and looks at how everything in the system is related, from machinery parts to related personnel. In addition, it takes advantage of the knowledge it has garnered from working with and solving problems for various industries to consistently develop and improve its products and services.



Factory Automation

Profile Router (top left) Palletizer Robot (top right) Loading Robot (bottom left) Big Bag Stacker (bottom right)



   Nawa Intertech has thus far developed several products to replace imported technology. One such invention is the 3 Axis Robot, which is used to automatically take the plastic part out of the mold and for runner cutting process, allowing the machine to work continuously. The invented machine is 30-40% cheaper than an imported counterpart. The use of servo motors to enhance the hydraulic system of injection molding machines also helps reduce energy consumption by 20-60% and payback period is in 2-3 years. In addition, automated guided vehicles (AGV) have been employed to increase efficiency in product transportation inside the factory, reduce human error, and take on certain tasks to minimize risks for workers.


   Poised to be integrated into the foundation of every industry, automation is a solution that will play a key role in bolstering the competitiveness of business owners both in Thailand and other countries and propelling Thailand fully into the era of Industry 4.0.


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