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SC Asset: Attention to Every Single Detail for Better Quality of Life

Publish On 19, Nov 2020 | SC Asset: Attention to Every Single Detail for Better Quality of Life

   As one of the four requisites, a house has tremendous influence on every dimension of life. It is not only a place for daily activities but also a space that can enhance the quality of your everyday life. That is why real estate developer SC Asset attaches great significance to the quality of life of its residents.




   In this issue, All Around Plastics sat down with Anan Jenlueay, Project Manager PDL-3A, SC Asset Corporation Public Company Limited, in a shaded corner that emanated subtle elegance inside Bangkok Boulevard Chaengwattana 2 to discuss the building of environment and infrastructure to optimize the quality of life for all residents.




Designing living spaces that speak to modern customers

   “SC Asset is a real estate company with both housing and condominium projects. Our main objective is to enable our customers to be able to fully live their daily life within the living space.”

   “An example is Bangkok Boulevard Chaengwattana 2, which is where we’re sitting right now. The Nordic style, as found in Northern Europe, is applied to every element of the design, from the common area, which is the centerpiece of the project, to the interior of each house. The ceiling, for instance, is raised to meet the triangular Nordic gable, which imparts airiness to the space and improves ventilation, leading a better quality of life for residents. The interior space is also allocated to maximize functionality.”




   “The environment of the common area is also designed specifically to accommodate family activities and features a full range of facilities, including a swimming pool and a gym, three seasonal themed gardens, and bike lanes that allow our residents to exercise safely.”

Designed to accommodate the “new normal”

   “As part of the “new normal,” people spend more time at home, either because they choose to work from home or avoid going out. In response, SC Asset has created a functional interior design that meet the needs of residents and offer privacy.”




   “To begin with, the layout of the spacious master bedroom can be adjusted to suit the specific need of each family. The other bedrooms are also designed to have functional spaces for each family member that can be used as working areas, living areas, or additional storage. More importantly, the design ensures that all bedrooms come with their own dedicated bathrooms to ensure maximum privacy for everyone in the family.”

   “The green areas accommodate recreational activities that give a nice change of pace for those spending most of their time at home. The key benefit of having multiple shared gardens across the project is that the residents can use them at the same time without the problem of overcrowding, thus reducing risks of close contact according to COVID-19 prevention policies.”




Why SC Asset has selected water tanks made of elixirTM

   “SC Asset places a premium on both designs that cater to the needs of residents and the careful selection of materials for their safety and reassurance. This is particularly true with water supplies for daily life use, which are of critical importance. We have therefore chosen DOS water tanks, which are made of elixirTM, a polymer material that meets world-class standards for safety, in order to elevate the quality of life of all residents.”




Tips for choosing safe water tanks

   “The selection of water tanks for household use goes hand in hand with our safety policy, which is our top priority. Water tanks made of elixirTM, an innovative special-grade polymer specifically designed for water tanks, stand out in terms of safety because they are free from heavy metal contaminants, such as lead, mercury, and arsenic. In addition, the opacity of elixirTM means that sunlight cannot get through the water tank, thus helping to prevent the growth of algae. We are therefore reassured that our customers will have safe water supplies for use for their families in the long run.”

elixirTM – an innovative special-grade polymer for above ground water tanks by Chemicals Business, SCG

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