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SMX™ Technology Manufacturing Innovation for Stronger Plastic and a Cooler Earth

Publish On 23, Jul 2021 | SMX™ Technology Manufacturing Innovation for Stronger Plastic and a Cooler Earth

A challenge for product development is maximizing product quality while delivering quality of life improvements for both people and the environment. Innovation is, therefore, an integral tool in designing products and solutions that will meet demands for sustainability, from the production process by the manufacturer, usage by the consumer, all the way to management at the end of product lifecycle in order to circulate materials back into use for optimal value and environmental friendliness.





SMXTechnology Innovation for Plastic Sustainability


SMX™ Technology is the outcome of a manufacturing innovation that Chemicals Business, SCG, has invented in order to produce HDPE plastic resin that strikes a balance between high strength and stiffness in order to meet industrial needs, both in terms of functionality and reducing the amount of plastic used in production without compromising strength. This innovation has an effect on the entire cycle of production and consumption, which is consistent with the principle of circular economy. The ability to reduce the amount of plastic resin used in production while still  maintaining the necessary features of the end product translates to optimal consumption of resources, including both raw materials like plastic resin and energy for production. In addition, a lighter product helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during transportation.





A Wide Variety of Green Plastic Products from SMXTechnology


Based on SMX™ Technology innovation, SCG has developed five different grades of SCG™ HDPE plastic resin to meet the requirements for various types of plastic products, ready to be delivered to the hands of manufacturers as follows:


– SCGHDPE S199F: Used in the manufacturing of films in consumer packaging, this new type of plastic resin has up to 20%* enhanced dart drop impact performance compared to regular-grade films, while still retaining the characteristics required for efficient film extrusion. Past applications have proven that this grade of plastic resin can be used as an alternative to the grade currently used in plastic film production and has generated good feedback from film manufacturers both domestically and abroad.


* Based on results of tests performed in SCG’s laboratory on plastic bags with handles made from 100% SCG™ HDPE S199F.


– SCGHDPE S111F: Designed for the production of high impact industrial grade films and product packaging that require extra strength and elasticity, this plastic resins maintains the same functional properties while reducing the amount of materials used by up to 20%, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during production and transportation.


– SCGHDPE SX002J/ SX002JA: This plastic resin is designed for the manufacturing of lightweight soft drink bottle caps and enables the production of thinner caps while still retaining the same functional properties and strength as regular soft drink bottle caps. It helps reduce the use of raw materials by 30% and, as a result, decrease both the amount of energy used in forming and greenhouse gas emissions even before the product reaches consumers.


SCGHDPE SMX551BU: Designed for the production of high strength intermediate bulk containers (IBC), the resin meets the requirement for extra strength and ensuring both safety from leakage and resistance to chemicals, while reducing the amount of raw materials used by 6-10%, without compromising the properties of the traditional container.


SCG is also developing SCGHDPE S411B, which is designed for the manufacturing of lightweight container and can reduce material consumption by 8-15% while retaining the functional strength of traditional packaging. It also helps reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, which is a result of the reduction of raw materials used. This product is currently still in development and will be ready for market at the start of 2022.





Chemicals Business, SCG strives to develop innovations and create new products with the environment in mind on the basis of the circularity in order to improve the quality of life for every sector, spread happiness to everyone, and continue to collaborate in creating a sustainable world for future generations. For more details, please contact


“Chemicals Business, SCG is one of the few manufacturers of high-strength HDPE plastic resin for use in the production of IBCs in Thailand, enabling us to reduce our carbon footprint by using locally produced materials instead of importing. Dow has selected the SMX™ Technology-enabled SCG™ HDPE SMX551BU plastic resin, which has made it possible to reduce the thickness of IBCs while maintaining strength as well as decreasing the consumption of plastic resin in production by up to 6.5% and freight weight by an average of 18 kilograms per shipment. This helps us to reduce fuel usage and greenhouse gas emissions during the transportation process.” – Mr. Sutin Prapaitakool, Integrated Supply Chain Director of Dow Thailand Group.

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