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New and Improved COVID-19 Innovations for Every Situation

Publish On 21, Apr 2021 | New and Improved COVID-19 Innovations for Every Situation

   In the past year, the most pressing mission of the world was the invention of methods and equipment for the prevention of COVID-19. Although the situation might start to look up thanks to the vaccine roll-outs in many countries, that mission is far from over. To equip ourselves for all kinds of scenarios, we must keep developing COVID-19 innovations.


   The same goes for Chemicals Business, SCG, which began developing innovations to help mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic right from the onset and worked closely with medical professionals to promptly produce inventions that would best meet their needs and enable healthcare professionals to carry out their duties smoothly. At present, SCG’s teams are still working to further improve these inventions, and with their observation as well as suggestions from users, they have been able to introduce improved versions of two of these innovations, each equipped with a more comprehensive range of functionalities.



Flexi Dent Guard


   Designed to reduce the dispersion of water droplets and germs during dental procedures, the original Dent Guard was made with a coated metal frame covered with clear PVC sheets. The new and improved version, however, affords more convenience and comfort to both dentists and patients while still retaining functionalities and the easy-to-clean property.


   The Flexi Dent Guard features a metal frame that can be adjusted to the comfort of dentists and can also be snapped open so that it does not have to be removed from the dental chair when the patient needs to spit. In addition, the clear acrylic panel on top affords improved visibility and comes with pins that lock it to the frame for increased safety.


   In terms of hygiene, a disposable plastic cover is used to ensure sanitation after each use as well as convenience. Once attached to the designated position and adjusted for tautness, the plastic cover is ready for use in dental procedures.



Isolation Capsule for Air Transport


   The negative-pressure isolation capsule is among the innovations that have been developed into more specialized equipment, such as the negative-pressure isolation capsule for CT scanners. The latest invention derived from this innovation is the isolation capsule for air transport, which is designed to expedite the process and accommodate limitations not encountered in regular patient transfers. That is, the shape and size of the capsule has been designed to fit the cabin of a small jet aircraft. It is also made of durable PVC and outfitted with equipment in accordance with the standards of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for maximum safety and optimal performance.


   The capsule has openings along its lengths for use in case of emergencies during the transport or a procedure and is equipped with ventilation that can achieve and maintain negative pressure of -5 to -8 pascals. With the air sucked out through a filter system with 99.95% efficiency, the capsule keeps operators and people outside from being exposed to germs. It comes equipped with a battery that lasts as long as five hours.



   SCG will continue to advance its COVID-19 innovations in order to protect healthcare workers and all Thais from the virus and strive to develop new innovations that are compatible with existing isolation units and other inventions so as to enhance efficiency and create a comprehensive system that integrates diagnosis, treatment, as well as land and air transport of patients and support medical professionals in every situation.


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