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CiBot™ with new features to measure Carburization, Bulging, and Bowing

Publish On 22, Oct 2018 | CiBot™ with new features to measure Carburization, Bulging, and Bowing

CiBotTM The World’s First Furnace Coil Inspection Robot to be Equipped with Capabilities to Measure Carburization, Bulging, and Bowing for Enhanced Safety, Greater Precision, and Reduced Costs.



Elevating the safety and efficiency of industrial furnace coil inspection to the next level, SCG’s Chemicals Business has equipped its CiBotTM with the capability to measure the carburization, bulging, and bowing levels in furnace coils simultaneously, making it the world’s first robot to be able to evaluate furnace coil lifespan with greater safety, thoroughness, and precision as well as contribute to lower production costs, wastage, and impacts on the environment.


Enhanced Capabilities


CiBotTM was intially developed to gauge carburization or the level of carbon absorbed into the material of metal pipes, which causes pipes to become brittle and can lead to breakage or leakage. As this phenomenon is responsible to 60% of all damage to furnace coils in petrochemical plants, inspecting the pipes with this robot with the additional capacity to measure bulging and bowing will help further improve its reliability.





One of the distinctive features of CiBotTM is that it makes use of two high-tech devices simultaneously: wireless sensor and positioning system. In addition to its existing capability of measuring carburization levels in furnace coils with great precision at 1 cm. intervals at the speed of four meters per minute, or seven times faster than human inspectors, CiBotTM is further equipped with the ability to detect bulging and bowing degrees as small as 0.05 mm and 1 cm. respectively. Furthermore, the results can now be displayed in images, making them even more comprehensible.


A clear advantage of CiBotTM lies in the data it can obtain, which is much more precise than that acquired by human inspectors. While inspectors can take two measurements on a ten-meter coil, CiBotTM can record as many as 1,000 measurements, resulting in much more detailed and precise data, which in turn makes it possible to evaluate the lifespan of the coil more accurately and plan maintenance with greater efficiency.





Apart from increasing efficiency and reducing machinery damage, the most important advantage of CiBotTM is that it offers a safer inspection method and reduces safety risks for human inspectors.


World-Class Caliber


CiBotTM has won the trust of various world-class customers in different industries and is currently employed in a number of industrial settings both in Thailand and overseas, including factories of the Chemicals Business, SCG, hydrogen production plants, leading refineries in Thailand, as well as petrochemical plants in the US, Netherlands, South Korea and Middle East Countries.


CiBotTM is, therefore, truly a world-class innovation that all Thais can be proud of.



“Data that the robot obtains is highly detailed and precise. In combination with our expertise in materials related to inspection operations, we can use this data to generate possible solutions and maintenance suggestions that we can offer to our customers.”


Wee Chabthanom

Innovative Technology Center Manager

Rayong Engineering and Plant Service Co., Ltd.

A Subsidiary of Chemicals Business, SCG



“I am proud to see how surprised our international customers are when they learn that the robot is 100% Thai. We can say proudly that this is the world’s first inspection robot that can measure carburization, bulging, and bowing levels, and it has been patented already.”


Paisal Pandum

Robotics Engineer, Rayong Engineering and Plant Service Co., Ltd.

a Subsidiary of Chemicals Business, SCG




Amazing numbers about CiBotTM

0: Zero risks related to working at height and in confined spaces as the inspection can be performed by the robot instead

0.05: Detecting degrees of bulging as small as 0.05 mm.

1: Detecting degrees of bowing as small as 1 cm. from the center of the coil

1: Obtaining measurements quickly and accurately at 1 cm. intervals; equipped with a digital display and remote control system

3: Recording three measurements simultaneously: carburization, bulging, and bowing  

4: 4 meters/second inspection speed

7: 7 times faster than human inspection


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Registered Patent no. NL 2016102

European Patent no. EP3259570


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