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emisspro® World-Class Services Taking on the Oil Refining Industry

Publish On 16, Aug 2018 | emisspro® World-Class Services Taking on the Oil Refining Industry

In a short period of seven years, only one Southeast Asia based energy-saving furnace coating service provider, emisspro®, has earned widespread recognition among petrochemical, hot rolled steel mill, and ceramic businesses both in Thailand and overseas. Most recently, the company is venturing into the oil refinery with a comprehensive range of services and a team of professionals from Chemicals Business, SCG.



Moving Forward


In expanding its scope to the oil refining industry, Chemicals Business, SCG has collaborated with GS Caltex, a leading South Korean oil refinery that provides services for furnaces for continuous catalytic reforming process (CCR) and hydrogen manufacturing process (HMP)




The main challenge of delivering a furnace coating service at GS Caltex refinery lay in the time constraint. Given the size and capacity of the refinery, the timeframe was extremely limited, and any delay would result in undue downtime that might affect its competitiveness.


The limited time, however, only served to motivate the team to plan the coating in great details to ensure that the operation could be carried out smoothly around the clock and concluded in time. As a result, the coating of each furnace took only about a week.


Another success factor was the experience and expertise of the professional team of Chemical Business, which could control the quality to ensure even coating throughout the inner walls of each furnace. The results of the coating were also carefully investigated and reported to GS Caltex to ensure quality and inspire trust in the service of emisspro®.



Fulfilling Potential


With its commitment to delivering only the highest quality and utmost punctuality to enhance the potential of industrial furnace, emisspro® provides the following services:


  1. Pre-Evaluation Services: Prior to the operation, an engineering team will visit the site to perform an evaluation and gather necessary information for further analysis and planning.
  2. Simulations: To achieve maximum accuracy, Chemicals Business, SCG employs both software developed by its own engineers and world-class programs in creating simulations and mathematical models.
  3. Quality Standards and Punctuality: The coating operation is carried out to high standard to ensure consistent quality and punctual delivery.
  4. Assessment Services: Advanced statistics are utilized in data analysis to accurately gauge and assess the performance in order to inspire confidence in the services.




This successful collaboration with a global partner like GS Caltex and Insulation Korea has given Chemicals Business, SCG not only an opportunity to make headway into a new industry like oil refinery but also invaluable experience that can be applicable to many more projects in the future.



For additional information on the products and services, please contact

Texplore Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Chemicals Business, SCG

Tel. +662 586-4315 or





emisspro®: Furnace coating products


Mechanism: Improving the efficiency of heat absorption and radiation

Usage: For coating the interior of furnaces




  1. Reduction of up to 6% in energy consumption
  2. Reduction of over 36,500 tons of fuel consumed per year
  3. Reduction of over 100,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year, an equivalent of planting a forest covering an area of 97,000 rai*

*Based on actual industrial performance in SCG from 2012 to 2017


Industries that utilize emisspro®:


  1. Petrochemical and oil refining industries
  2. Ceramic industry
  3. Hot rolling steel mill industry




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