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SCG Took Chinaplas 2018 by Storm, Showcasing the Concept “Your Complete Solution Provider”

Publish On 17, Aug 2018 | SCG Took Chinaplas 2018 by Storm, Showcasing the Concept “Your Complete Solution Provider”

As Asia’s biggest plastic trade fair, the world-famous annual Chinaplas highlights advances in plastic technology. Held on April 24-27, 2018 in Shanghai on an area of 340,000 square meters, the exhibition hosted 4,000 leading plastic brands from 40 countries around the world and welcomed over 180,000 visitors from 150 countries. And of course, Chemicals Business, SCG couldn’t pass on the chance to showcase its products and innovations on the global stage.





With the concept “Your Complete Solutions Providers,” SCG showcased not only high quality plastic resins and high value-added products (HVA), but also the complete innovative solution services for every client’s needs. From material selection and application development to design and engineering solutions, the company aims to reduce its environmental impacts while maximizing the quality and efficiency of all its products.





The true star of the show was the innovative polyethylene (New PE) production with SMX TechnologyTM (patent pending), which had earlier won praise in its debut in Germany’s K-Fair 2016. The breakthrough technology increases strength of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) so material required can be reduced without compromising its mechanical properties, allowing it to be transformed into a wide variety of products.





One such product is an ultra-thin and wide film that can be extruded to a width of over 1.3 meters. With 10% higher output rate & good process-ability, it can be used to produce extra-wide plastic covers for electronic appliances and liners of paper-based heavy-duty shipping sacks (HDSS) such as the inner plastic bag inside a cement sack.





SMX TechnologyTM has also enabled the production of extra-lightweight caps for carbonated drinks. These caps weigh less than two grams, require 30% less plastic, yet offers outstanding resistance to stress cracking that might result from the built-up pressure of carbon dioxide inside the bottle.





Another highlight at the exhibition was the innovative PE112 Black HDPE Compound. With enhanced strength compared to PE100, it is ideal for piping in the mining industry as it has 50% higher abrasion resistance and 10% higher pressure resistance, allowing for a thinner pipe with a longer lifespan and an increased water flow volume.





This event gave SCG an opportunity to connect with clients from around the world as well as a platform for an exchange of ideas that would enable the company to come up with solutions that would best meet the demand and create mutual sustainable growth with its clients. The fair also served as an arena where the world’s leading plastic technology suppliers and relevant networks could share knowledge and obtain insights into the current and future trends of the industry.




Sutee Atchariyapruk

General Manager, Saengroong Mahachai Plastics Ltd.


“I’m in a film business. Having seen SCG’s SMX TechnologyTM  today, I know that it is just what my company is looking for. I will go back and study it further.”




Somsak Borrisuttanakul

Chief Executive Officer, TPBI Public Company Limited


“SCG’s booth showcased many interesting innovative products. The focus seemed to be on the reduction of raw material consumption while also achieving enhanced performance. At the same time, emphasis was also placed on improving processability and reducing processing steps.”




George Yang

Head of Supply Chain, China

Georg Fischer Piping Systems China


“We believe that PE112 will have a superior quality compared to PE110. The innovation will generate new business opportunities for us both in terms of costs and quality.”




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