> INNOVATION > emisspro® furnace coating is well accepted and utilized in over 100 industrial furnaces in Thailand and overseas

emisspro® furnace coating is well accepted and utilized in over 100 industrial furnaces in Thailand and overseas

Publish On 30, Mar 2017 | emisspro® furnace coating is well accepted and utilized in over 100 industrial furnaces in Thailand and overseas

Winning the hearts of customers is important for business success. However, it is not an easy task, and various factors play a role in making a product become recognized by customers. However, this is just what has happened with emisspro® – the first and only furnace coating in ASEAN to receive recognition from major industries in Thailand and overseas as can be seen from achievement of the use of 100 industrial furnace at the end of 2015.





Why do we need furnace coating?

The production process of large industries such as petroleum refinery, the petrochemical industry, the hot-rolled steel industry and the ceramics industry requires use of a furnace to provide extreme heat to process the raw materials and turn them into the desired products. Thus, a large amount of fuel is needed and great effort has been made to improve furnace efficiency so that fuel is consumed effectively and economically. The most effective method is to coat the inside walls of the furnace, and hence is the idea behind the development of emisspro® furnace coating.



           emisspro® has become increasingly recognized among customers over time due to the coating’s efficacy in absorbing and releasing heat. emisspro® has the ability to withstand temperatures higher than 1,600 degrees Celsius, adhere to the surface of flame-resistant materials in furnace structures, absorb and release heat radiation in incinerators, and withstand thermal extremity, chemical substances, abrasion, and temperature fluctuations. With these properties, emisspro® is long-lasting and does not damage machinery nor cause harm to the workers or the environment.





Achievements over the years are the result of our commitment to further develop our products and services.

2009     Research and development of coating products

2012      Launch of emisspro® coating and service solution to clients in the petrochemical industry and the ceramics manufacturing industry in Thailand and Indonesia

2013      Expansion into hot-rolled steel industry

2015      Enterins to the Korean market and received trust from world-class petrochemical companies and coated the 100th furnace in the Philippines

2016      Expansion into the refinery industry and greater expansion into overseas markets



           Apart from the product itself, another factor contributing to emisspro®’s success is the comprehensive service that comes along with it. SCG Chemicals not only offers the furnace coating, but also gives advice and assistance in problem solving. Drawing from the knowledge and expertise in diverse industries as well as its direct experience with emisspro® in its own factories, SCG Chemicals is in a good position to earn the customers’ trust. These customers include the world leading’s leading olefins producers with highest energy efficiency levels such as Yeochun NCC Co., Ltd. (YNCC) of South Korea, SK Global Chemical Co., Ltd. (SK) of South Korea, and Chandra Asri Petrochemical (CAP) of Indonesia.


   Apart from petrochemicals, other major industries also chose emisspro® such as PT Keramika Indonesia Assosiasi (KIA) which is a ceramics manufacturer in Indonesia.  These companies have seen that the product can truly help cut fuel consumption and is durable; as a result, emisspro® is used in more and more furnaces. Through word of mouth, emisspro® has become the product of choice for various companies within the same industry as well as other companies in other industries.




Uncoated vs Coated brick


Do you know…?

           The application of emisspro® in the clients’ manufacturing processes has showed that fuel consumption can be cut by over 35,000 tons/year and release of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere has been reduced by 97,000 tons/year, which is equal to the planting of 4,450,000 trees.  This has earned it the Thailand Energy Award2014 for innovative energy. emisspro® is also certified as an Eco Product by SCG eco value environmental label.


           ‘100 furnaces’ is just the first step towards success.  SCG Chemicals will not stop in its quest towards a better future. The plan for 2016 is therefore to further develop emisspro® to achieve even greater efficacy as well as develop other coating products. There is also a plan to expand the customer base in other industries such as refinery and in other regions other than Asia.



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Mr. Schirra M. Kaunang,

Olefin Mechanical Maintenance Section Manager,

Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tbk


“The reason we have chosen to use emisspro® with our industrial furnaces is because the emisspro® team can explain the mechanism of the coating and provide clear technical details. emisspro® has helped us save our cost and expenses. In addition, it has helped us reduce 1-2 percent of fuel consumption and achieve our goal of attaining over one percent fuel reduction, which amounts to a massive fuel cost that we can save. As for maintenance, emisspro® also prolongs the lifespan of our furnaces and reduce maintenance burdens, so we can be less stressed and think about other matters.”





Mr. Windy Chang

Technical & Planning Team Manager

Yeochun NCC Co., Ltd. 


            “emisspro® is one of the best choices in reducing energy costs for our company. I’ve researched, evaluated, and inspected the product, so I believe it would come up with positive results. As we aim to reduce energy consumption to maintain our sustainable competitive capacity in the petrochemical industry, we aim to decrease approximately one percent more each year. emisspro® has helped us achieve our target because it cuts energy consumption considerably. As for their service, emisspro® staffers are service-oriented and friendly. They also have excellent technical abilities and can explain the benefits of emisspro® in a very clear and easy-to-understand manner.


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