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SCG Green Choice: An Eco-Label Synonymous with Quality

Publish On 16, Nov 2021 | SCG Green Choice: An Eco-Label Synonymous with Quality

   The environment is a topic that has risen to the forefront of everyone’s mind on a global scale. People are showing a readiness to make changes, from efforts on a personal level like consumers adjusting their daily habits all the way to entrepreneurs or manufacturers developing work processes in accordance with long-term environmental sustainability without compromising their ability to provide options that will improve quality of life for all.


   When it comes to SCG’s products, many are likely familiar with the “SCG Eco Value” label as a guarantee of green products. In fact, SCG is the first Thai organization to have established a self-declared label for eco-friendly products and services based on the ISO14021 standard.


   In 2020, SCG advanced its eco-label another step from SCG Eco Value to “SCG Green Choice.” The word “Green” signifies the creation of a green world where the environment is preserved, while “Choice” refers to the consumer’s power to make decisions for the planet and for themselves.


SCG Green Choice: Helping Consumers Make Smart Choices for Sustainability


   The “SCG Green Choice” eco-label was created to certify products and services provided by companies within SCG group which are designed and manufactured in accordance with SCG’s 3 Principles for Sustainability, namely (1) climate change response through energy conservation and reduction of global warming, (2) circular economy, which is SCG’s guiding principle, and (3) safety in terms of ergonomics and hygiene.


   Various products and services of SCG Chemicals have already been certified with the SCG Green Choice label and are, thus, guaranteed to meet the necessary criteria in the following three aspects:



Climate Resilience Certification


   In line with SCG’s policy on climate action, this aspect of certification relates to energy conservation and reduction of global warming, from the use of renewable energy and the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, all the way to energy recycling.


   An example is SCG™ HDPE H112PC plastic resin for high-pressure pipes. In addition to exhibiting properties that are superior to PE100 plastic pellets in general, it is also produced using a process that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 5%. Aside from plastic resins, the Climate Resilience Certification also covers other products such as the emisspro® energy-saving industrial furnace coating, which reduces fuel consumption by at least 2%.



Circularity Certification


   Products certified in this aspect fulfill the criteria of the circular economy, such as those manufactured with processes that reduce water consumption, waste, and use of raw materials or natural resources and products which are made of or contain components made of renewable materials or which can be reverted back for reuse and can decompose into organic matter.


   Examples of the SCG Chemicals’ products that have been certified in this category are HDPE S111F resin by SCG GREEN POLYMER™ for the production of packaging films for industrial bags, which reduces the use of plastic pellets by at least 20%, as well as the SCG Model 3 floating solar farm solutions, which require 12% less installation space than conventional pontoons* for the same production capacity.


*Comparing between the installation area required for 2 rows of solar panels per path for conventional buoys and 4 rows of solar panels per path for SCG’s pontoons with the same capacity.



Well-Being Certification


   To comply with the safety policy, aside from the “health” of the environment, products certified in this category must also be manufactured with the health of consumers in mind, particularly in terms of ergonomics and hygiene. One such example is the SCG Green premium PVC pipes and fittings for water supply and drainage, which are lead-free and therefore friendly to the health of consumers as well as that of the environment.



   The “SCG Green Choice” label is thus an option which offers convenience to and builds confidence in eco-conscious consumers as well as ensures the health of all consumers. Because what our beloved world will look like in the future is a choice that we can all make together.


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