August 25, 2018

PVC Sheet Sub-roof Collaboration for the Perfect Solution to Leaky Roofs

Roofs play a vital role of shielding residents and their properties inside from sunlight, rain, and all the elements. With such a demanding duty, it is normal for roofs to become worn over time, especially with the roof of such a historic building like Luang Vichit-Vadakan House. Given its historical significance, any renovation…

August 17, 2018

SCG Took Chinaplas 2018 by Storm, Showcasing the Concept “Your Complete Solution Provider”

As Asia’s biggest plastic trade fair, the world-famous annual Chinaplas highlights advances in plastic technology. Held on April 24-27, 2018 in Shanghai on an area of 340,000 square meters, the exhibition hosted 4,000 leading plastic brands from 40 countries around the world and welcomed over 180,000 visitors from 150 countries. And of course, Chemicals Business,…

August 15, 2018

S&P: Towards its 45th Anniversary Enduring Impression amid Ever-Shifting Lifestyle Trends

For the premier food and pastry business operator S&P Syndicate PLC, nothing bears better testament to the success of its business strategy and concept than its over 45 years in the industry, throughout which it has consistently adjusted its products and services to dovetail with ever-shifting consumer behavior without compromising the quality. In…

May 8, 2018

Illuminating the Future – sunlight and innovation for business sustainability

Over 30% of Thailand’s area is water bodies and wetlands. In addition to being sources of life, rivers, lakes, ponds, and canals also offer new possibilities when it comes to generating clean power from solar energy, thanks to advances brought about by inventors and scientists. Over half a century ago, scientists…

May 7, 2018

The Power of Collaboration: Solving Hopper Clogging in Cement Manufacturing with PE Sheets

In the business world, collaboration between companies can create a synergy that leads to enhanced sustainability and stability. The same goes for the collaboration between the Siam Cement (Kaeng Khoi) Co., Ltd., SCG Chemicals, and Aeroklas where the unexpected convergence between “plastic” and “steel” led to a novel solution to the issue of hopper clogging…

May 7, 2018

Opportunities and Directions of Eco-Innovation: A Pioneer’s Gambit

Environmental problems are among the top priorities of the current world. In response, eco-innovation has been invented to reduce consumption of energy and natural resources and ultimately solve these pressing issues. In the industrial sectors, more and more entrepreneurs are beginning to take eco-innovation seriously. Assoc. Prof. Singh Intrachooto, Head of the Creative Center…

April 30, 2018

Holiday Inn Hua-Hin Carport “Shinkolite” for All Roofing Needs

Constructing a carport for a hotel can present a real challenge as such a project entails a host of fine details in each step. To meet the rising needs for one-stop services, SCG Chemicals has introduced a one-stop carport roofing solution: the Prefab Carport Roof, an integrated product and service innovated…