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April 20212021

New Normal Trends

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INNOVATION - Mar, 26 2021

New Normal Trends: Exploring New Trends Arising from the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s aspect of daily life and behavior, prompting people to avoid physical contact, maintain social distance, and spend more time at home. As such, both manufacturers and business owners must alter their business operations and make adjustments accordingly to keep pace with the changing consumer behaviors. To this end,…

INNOVATION - Apr, 21 2021

New and Improved COVID-19 Innovations for Every Situation

In the past year, the most pressing mission of the world was the invention of methods and equipment for the prevention of COVID-19. Although the situation might start to look up thanks to the vaccine roll-outs in many countries, that mission is far from over. To equip ourselves for all kinds of scenarios, we must…

INTERVIEW VDO - Apr, 21 2021

Digital Technology: A Key Business Assistant in the Age of Social Distancing

Ever since COVID-19 pandemic began exerting an impact on the daily life of people across the world in both personal and professional spheres, more and more people have started to adopt and even embrace digital technology in a very tangible way. We clock in virtually in the morning, order food delivery from our phone…

INNOVATION VDO - Apr, 21 2021

SCG™ LLDPE S15 PU-stick series: SCG-COMOS Collaborative Innovation That Reduces Steps in Cooler Production

Challenges in product development does not stop only at achieving functionalities that meet the needs of consumers but also extend to the development of production technology that answers the needs of manufacturers while remaining environmentally friendly. This is certainly true with the relation between the Chemicals Business, SCG, and COMOS. For over ten…


Golden Pothos Pots from Hemodialysate Gallons: Paying Everyday Happiness Forward with Circular Economy

Monitoring of PM 2.5 levels, both inside and outside of their homes or working spaces, has become a new routine for many people to make sure they have adequate protection. Air pollution, which is becoming more and more prevalent each day, has triggered a sustainable love for the environment within everyone, as seen from small…


Rayong Shop-Hi: A New Online Marketplace for Rayong Communities

Over a year under social distancing measures has allowed people to start adapting to the new normal lifestyle, especially in the digital age in which people are always searching for and adapting to new avenues to continue living their lives as normally as possible, both day-to-day and professionally, Including small retailers and business owners in…

BUSINESS TIPS VDO - Apr, 21 2021

TIS 2921-2562 Melamine Ware Standards for Public Health and Safety

Food is an inescapable factor of daily life. Food containers such as plates, bowls, and other tableware made from melamine are among the most popular types of containers. Melamine wares are widely used both in restaurants and households due to their durability, ease of cleaning, availability in a variety of colors and designs, and…

LIFESTYLES - Apr, 21 2021

White Story: A Healthy and Eco-friendly Family Diner

As people make a conscious decision to stay at home to reduce risks during the current situation, grab-and-go foodservice seem to have grown in popularity as an alternative to food delivery services. And when it comes to grab-and-go restaurants known for their quality and freshness, one of the names on the top of that…

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