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November 20212021

Innovation for a Better World

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INNOVATION - Nov, 16 2021

Keeping Pace with Innovations and New Trends Sustainably with SCG GREEN POLYMER™

Thanks to technological advancement and the global connectedness it has brought about, development and diffusion of innovations takes much less time. Transfer of information and knowledge has similarly grown both in scale and speed. The same can be observed in the business world, where new trends are now emerging and adopted by organizations at an…

INNOVATION - Nov, 16 2021

Smart Transfer Wheelchairs: Functionality for Everyone

Wheelchairs are among the most vital medical devices in hospitals as they allow for a safe, and convenient transfer of patients from one location to another. Therefore, it is necessary to develop wheelchairs with functions that meet the needs of both medical practitioners and their patients. The continuous collaboration of the Medical and Well-Being…

INTERVIEW - Nov, 16 2021

The Evolution of a Family-Owned Water Tank Company Through the Ideas of the New Generation

From its beginning as a producer of zinc-coated metal water tanks imprinted with the now-familiar sailboat emblem all the way to plastic water tanks and even expanding to plastic furniture, Jaroenmitr Company Limited, a well-known manufacturer and distributor of plastic and stainless steel water tanks, has been in the industry for over 53 years.…


From Collaboration to the Successful Development of ‘Sunlight’ Gallons from High-quality Post-consumer Recycled Resin

Consumers have become more eco-conscious, as evident in their growing interest in being able to distinguish the different types of plastic in their households, so that they can sort and send them to recyclers, thereby contributing to the circular economy. As a consumer goods brand, Unilever strives to create a more sustainable world.…


SCG™ PP P780J and SCG™ PP P980J Innovative Plastic Resins to Keep up with Automotive Industry Trends

An important challenge that the industrial sector across the world is currently taking on is the innovation of eco-friendly products, encompassing the use of manufacturing processes which reduce energy consumption all the way to the development of products which retain or even improve in efficiency and features. Likewise, the automotive industry has been focusing…


SCG-DMCR Litter Trap Generation 2 from HDPE-Bone: A Key Innovation for a Trash-Free Marine Environment

A study conducted by the Thailand Research and Development Institute (TDRI) in 2020 found that the amount of trash found in Thailand’s seas rank the country among the top 10 in the world. The source of this marine trash comes from the habits of consumers on land, but the effects fall directly on the small…

BUSINESS TIPS - Nov, 16 2021

SCG Green Choice: An Eco-Label Synonymous with Quality

The environment is a topic that has risen to the forefront of everyone’s mind on a global scale. People are showing a readiness to make changes, from efforts on a personal level like consumers adjusting their daily habits all the way to entrepreneurs or manufacturers developing work processes in accordance with long-term environmental sustainability without…


La Luek Mat Wreaths Commemorate the Departed while Caring for the Earth

Within the cycle of circular economy, resource optimization is key to reducing the amount of waste that is disposed downstream. Therefore, the factor that we must take into account alongside waste management is the question of whether we have made the most use of each and every item. Such is the case for funeral…

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