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December 20202020

Collaboration for a Better Future

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INNOVATION VDO - Dec, 15 2020

Discover New Business Opportunities with i2P Center The Hub of Innovative Ideas That Answer the Needs of New Generations of Consumers

In a digital era where the world is spinning faster than ever, business owners must quickly generate ideas that truly answer consumer needs in order to survive, thrive, and compete efficiently. When coupled with unforeseen crises, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to a new normal, this new trend is…

INNOVATION VDO - Dec, 15 2020

Automation: The Next Level of Innovation for Enhanced Efficiency

Ever since the Industrial Revolution about 260 years ago, humanity has never stopped innovating in order to improve industrial efficiency. We have been in a constant search for ways to enhance our manufacturing process and achieve better quality with greater speed, less energy, and less human involvement where risk is present. And today,…

BUSINESS TIPS - Dec, 15 2020

Qualy and Designs that Resonate with the New Generation of Consumers

Qualy is a Thai brand that has earned worldwide recognition in the plastic product design world and garnered numerous design excellence accolades throughout the 15 years since its establishment. The key to this astounding success lies not only in the aesthetic and functionality of its products, which seek to bring happiness, comfort, and smiles to…

INNOVATION - Dec, 15 2020

SCG™ PP P1085J: Innovative Plastic Resin for Thin Wall and Lightweight Automotive Parts

Throughout its development, plastic has been used by the automotive industry, and it appears that this trend will only grow because the material is an excellent substitute for metals. That is, it is strong, lighter in weight, accommodates a diverse range of designs, and can even enhance the efficiency of vehicles. As such, it is…


Climate Emergency: A Mounting Crisis that can Only Be Solved through a Concerted Effort

Although it has been a topic of debate for decades, only recently has climate change increased in intensity and inched closer towards us to the point that all sectors are prompted to join forces and tackle this issue. In fact, the term “climate emergency” has also been coined to remind everyone, from governments and private…


The Never-ending Mission of “The Sea Saver”

For more than 20 years, Chemicals Business, SCG has carried on its mission to protect Thai seas through various projects and collaborative efforts, taking on the role of The Sea Saver to highlight the significance of the protection and restoration of the ocean in parallel with eco-conscious business operations. Focusing on solving problems at…

BUSINESS TIPS - Dec, 15 2020

Sustainable Plastic Trends and Regulations

In the past few years, many global brand giants have announced environmental policies as their key business imperatives in response to greater awareness among consumers of various environmental issues, from land and marine waste management to resource shortage and global warming. Apart from private businesses, a number of governments around the world have also declared…

LIFESTYLES - Dec, 15 2020

Rayong Through the Lens of Low-carbon Tourism

At the mention of Rayong’s tourism, the first things that come to mind are white sandy beaches, crystal-clear turquoise sea, islands, lush forests, and an abundance of tasty fruits. In this column, however, we will show you that there is more and introduce you to the concept of low-carbon tourism: a new breed…

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