February 3, 2020

Let’s join hands to build Waste-free Communities

At present, it is heartening to see that in our daily lives, we have opened up a dialogue and are now collaboratively seeking solutions to environmental problems. This is especially true for the issue of waste, which has exerted tremendous impact on not only humans and animals but also the world as a whole and…

October 5, 2019

SD Symposium 10 Years: Collaboration for Action The Power to Drive Circular Economy

With a firm conviction that collaboration and public engagement hold the key to effecting real changes, SCG has held SD Symposium 10 Years: Circular Economy – Collaboration for Action in collaboration with over 45 partners to foster collaboration among government agencies and private organizations and bring about a true circular economy in Thailand, which will…

June 4, 2019

THE LIFESAVERTM: Passing on safety practices to communities

Safety is a basic concern in our daily life. Because it takes only a slip, either resulting from force of habit or negligence, for accidents to happen, The LifesaverTM project has been initiated to raise safety awareness not just at workplace but also in daily life. The initiative has been a roaring success thanks to…

May 27, 2019

“Thailand’s first reinvented toilet,” an innovation for sustainable public sanitation

 “Thailand’s first reinvented toilet,” an innovation for sustainable public sanitation, piloted in Khlong Phlabphla Community, Rama IX. Chemicals Business, SCG has unveiled SCG Reinvented Toilet, Thailand’s first toilet with an integrated waste treatment system that can disinfect waste and separate liquids and solids with a 100% efficiency. The self-contained toilet helps ensure…

May 22, 2019

Circular Economy – Circularity for harmonious co-existence

Without efficient waste management, any countries can easily find themselves in a trash crisis, regardless of how developed they are. This is because the amount of waste from households, hospitals, factories, agricultural activity, and technological development has been rising steadily and is expected to swell from 2.01 billion tons in 2016 to to 3.4 billion…

December 11, 2018

Circular Economy: Balancing Business, Quality of Life, and the Future of the World

A circular economy has recently become a subject of interest in many countries across the world. To spark a circular economy movement in organizations across the governmental, private, and public sectors in Thailand, SCG held the SD Symposium in mid-2018 under the concept “Circular Economy: The Future We Create.” A circular economy is…